Cringeworthy Narcissistic Jesuit Homosexualist Prayer from @JamesMartinSJ

Narcissistic Jesuit homosexualist (I know… tautology) James Martin, LGBTQSJ is the topic of a post at LifeSite.  Jesuit-run Amerika is spamming people with a narcissistic Jesuit homosexualist prayer composed by Martin.

This part caught my special attention:

Michael Hichborn, president of the Lepanto Institute, was sent the mailing by America magazine, despite the fact that Martin has tried to get his organization removed from Facebook and Twitter.

First, Fr. James Martin, SJ tried to get the Lepanto Institute banned from Facebook and twitter. Now, he’s spamming my mailbox,” commented Hichborn on his Facebook page. “Contained in this mailing is a ‘prayer book’ with two of the most cringeworthy, narcissistic ‘prayers’ I have ever read. And I’ve seen some pretty insipid stuff.”

“As a researcher and analyst, I always make sure to keep an eye on what the enemies of the Church are saying, which is why I opened the mailer (from America magazine, featuring Fr. James Martin, SJ),” Hichborn told LifeSiteNews in a separate interview. “As I read the prayer booklet, my initial reaction was to roll my eyes at the cringeworthy wording. But as I thought about what the prayer was saying, it dawned on me Fr. Martin was implying that God is a homosexual.” [There it is.]

“Think about it. First, the prayer (which was written specifically for homosexuals) says, ‘Loving God, you made me who I am.’ Given that this was written for homosexuals, one can only conclude that Fr. Martin is suggesting that homosexuals were created as homosexuals. He is identifying the person with their disordered sexual attraction, speaking to the nature of the person as a homosexual. He then says, ‘I am wonderfully made in your own image,’ which clearly implies that God is a homosexual. If God made a homosexual as a homosexual by nature, and said homosexual is made in the image of God, then this can only mean that the image of God as a homosexual comes from a homosexual God.”

“This prayer is deeply perverse in its theological implications on many levels, and is to be condemned,” added Hichborn.

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  1. CatholicinCA says:

    There it is. This is deeply enlightening. Not only does the homosexual revolution distort the meaning and dignity of the human person, it seeks to distort the image of God Himself.

  2. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    Or God is in our image, which is what the whole Modernist project is about. We are in charge and continually adapting all things to our own evolution. God also is evolving, I suppose trying to keep up with us.

  3. monstrance says:

    I have an acquaintance who once visited patients at an aids hospice.
    He remarked how often these men opened up about the big lie of the “gay life”.
    The Father of Lies is busy – very busy.

  4. Dismas says:

    Well, considering that, according to the underpinning worldview of Liberalism, everything is created in the image and likeness of the Liberal. It is thus no great leap of logic then, that God too is included. Actually, since God is presumed a creature of the Liberal, and perfectly obedient to the Liberal, there is no need to consult Him or His Revelation, which will necessarily agree with the Liberal anyways.

    Note that all service [left to the imagination] and subjection by everyone else, even if brutally coerced, is a blessing of untold grace. Why, to serve the Liberal in any way, so long as it is exactly how he wants it, is a reward in itself; a veritable slice of heaven.

    Note, that some have chosen to dare to defy the infinite magnamity and righteousness of the Liberal. They are the dreaded “Anti-Revolutionists”, (numerous and sundry epithets such as “Traditionalist”, “Bourgeoisie”, “Republican”, “Sexual Abuse Victim”, etc. naturally included) and are thus worthy of all contempt and punishment without limit for their vile sin. They are also the nasty ingrates who inserted false and otherwise problematic passages and doctrines into the Deposit of Faith all those years ago. These malfeasants operate a number of highly sophisticated conspiracies such as the dreaded Patriarchy, Baronius Press, and worst of all, Reality.

  5. Pío Pío Pío says:

    How long do you reckon it will take before we start hearing about how the love between the Father and the Son is more than filial?

    Satan wants to destroy the family. How will he do it? Sexualizing the family. Look at the progressives’ praise for Lena Dunham’s homosexual abuse of her sister and tell me I’m wrong.

  6. colospgs says:

    I received this same mailer. It came with a return envelope for a subscription via business reply mail. Since the sender pays for the return of these envelopes, I kindly returned it but “forgot” to include the form, so at least Amerika has to pay a little for their efforts.

  7. Amante de los Manuales says:

    Hichborn’s analysis doesn’t sit right with me. If God made me heterosexual, for example, and if I too am made in the image of God, then do these two facts commit me to believing that God is heterosexual? I don’t see it myself.

    On the other hand, Hichborn’s probably right that Martin thinks God made certain people homosexual, which is ridiculous. (What are those reproductive cells for?)

  8. ArthurH says:

    That Fr. Martin remains unsanctioned by any higher authority in the Church speaks volumes to the non-likelihood of removing/ending the homosexual network (surely clear after this last synod) that seems in virtual control of… almost everything in the Church.

    Pray for our Church

  9. Sawyer says:

    What those kinds of prayers really mean is this:
    “O projection of myself, fashioned after my self-image and self-interest and self-love, grant what I desire for myself because I am inherently good, and change all who impede me because they are evil by the very fact that they deny and oppose my intrinsic goodness.”

  10. yatzer says:

    I believe I received the same “prayer book”. It fits the description. Since it had James Martin’s photo on the front and came from America magazine, I just tossed it. I’m a church nobody, and involved in nothing the magazine’s subscribers would care about, so am mystified as to why I got it. I wonder where they got my name.

  11. fmsb78 says:

    I understand the scandal and the damage to the faith with yet another blasphemy but what if Fr. Martin is also into paganism? This “God” in his prayer could well be bacchus or any pagan false god.

  12. Dismas says:

    @fmsb78 – The attributes given to Fr. Martin LGBTQSJ’s god per his prayer are outside of those usually given to polytheistic idols. They tend to have generalized power, a portfolio of influence, etc. Specific creation is … uncommon.

  13. Benedict Joseph says:

    In reception of said mailing from “Amerika” and sighting the mug shot of Martin and the bait “prayer” folder [aren’t we pious!] — its province disclosed — I trimmed all the material in the mailing in order to fit it into the provided “postage free” return envelope and sent it on its way. Back to Martin in Amerika.
    A small price for him to pay for his appalling malpractice. A bishop of some rank could provide a more efficacious correction but they appear in harmony with the Jesuit.

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