SCOTUS Justice RBG falls, breaks ribs, hospitalized

According to accounts, 85-yr old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg had a fall, broke some ribs, and is not in the hospital.

While one mustn’t wish ill on another, it could be that this episode might prompt in the Justice some thoughts of retirement.   Also, hospitals, with their growing super-bugs, are not always the best places for older people to linger.

I am imagining, as every one of you are right now imagining, a THIRD Trump nominee for the SCOTUS.

Amy Coney Barrett?

Imagine the WAR in the Senate Judiciary Committee, especially now that numbskulls like letter-leaker and Chinese employer DiFi (D-CA), “Flatulence” Whitehouse (D-CA), Crazy Mazie (D-HI), Franken-backer Klobuchar (D-MN) have won their re-elections and now must feel off even the flimsy chain they were on.


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  1. Nicholas says:

    We must pray for her. Hopefully this will bring her to repent.

  2. arga says:

    Things seem to be breaking our way.

  3. Malta says:

    Its interesting, but Scalia and Ginsberg were very good friends; if the former was still alive he would be praying for her speedy recovery. If she did decide to retire, and she was replaced by a moderate Justice (which is probably who would replace her). The conservative majority on the bench might modify Roe v. Wade, but would probably take a Federalist approach and leave the issue of abortion up to each State.

  4. John Grammaticus says:

    Got to be Barrett, also when the new senate is sworn in I think Thomas should resign as he isn’t exactly a young (plus I remember reading that he’d like to retire), with an increased majority we wouldn’t have to rely on wonky collins or mirkowski and we could perhaps give Amul Thapar a seat.

    I think that Fienstien’s head might explode from those two nominations :)

  5. dbf223 says:

    Boy, if you thought the Kavanaugh hearings were fun, just wait for the histrionics if he gets to replace RGB.

  6. OrangeBlossom says:

    She is one tough cookie! Not the first time RGB broke her ribs. In June 2012, Ginsburg fractured two ribs in a fall and didn’t disclose the injury to the public until months later. 2014 had a stent placed in her right coronary artery.
    Praying that she turns towards the Lord.
    It would be amazing if she would retire; especially since Republicans gained seats in the Senate.

  7. Joy65 says:

    I pray that ALL of the Justices make their peace with God before He calls them home.

  8. Father, the Schadenfreude lives loudly within you…..

  9. Ellen says:

    I wish her well. I know she and Justice Scalia were very good friends kind of like Chesterton and Shaw. I know that has to be painful – I broke a rib when I was in my 20’s and the last time I saw Justice Ginsburg she looked so frail.
    I might not agree with her on – well anything – but I can pray for her and I will.

  10. Fuerza says:

    While I certainly hope and pray that she makes a full recovery, I equally hope that she will step down in the near future (or possibly, that God will open her heart in what are likely the last few years of her life and bring her into the Church). That said, Amy Coney Barrett has to be the next nominee. I would love to see who the Dems drag up to accuse her of sexual assault.

  11. Gabriel Syme says:

    I am in the UK (Scotland) and so Im remote from the SCOTUS, but I do take an interest given how its decisions ripple out across the wider West.

    Gorsuch and Kavanaugh seem like good men and solid picks. They will have their work cut out to fill the latin-mass attending shoes of Antonin Scalia. I might be wrong, but I think Kavanaugh attends a Jesuit Church?

    I was a little disappointed that Coney Barrett didn’t get the gig this time. Right enough, perhaps it would sicken the Democrats more, to replace a woman like Ginsberg with a woman like Coney Barrett – haha!

    Incidentally, as a Scotsman I am very proud to think that US President The Donald – most powerful man in the world – is half-Scots. How amazing. Imagine what he could do if he was 100% Scots!?! (haha!).

  12. LeeGilbert says:

    Amy Coney Barrett? Fuerza writes, “I would love to see who the Dems drag up to accuse her of sexual assault.” No, that will not be the tack, but rather that since she belongs to a charismatic community in South Bend, she is a religious nut, a kook, an extremist. Moreover, since she accepts the scriptural principle that wives should submit to their husbands, she supports patriarchy. Not only that, but her opinions may reflect those of her husband depending on how submissive she is. They will do all in their power, with the help of the media, to make her look ridiculous and a theocrat to boot..

    Or, it may be that they would not want to risk losing political capital by fighting her tooth and nail given that her confirmation is practically a sure thing, given the number of Republican senators

    Moreover, she would be yet another Catholic on the court. My guess is that someone in the administration will be arguing that RBG should be replaced by a Jewish woman, and liberals would prefer this, too. I wonder if there are any prominent Jewish female jurists who are also pro-life, or who are “the list.”

  13. hwriggles4 says:

    While one of my first thoughts this morning after hearing this on the news was that an injury like that hurts and takes time to recover. Years ago I fell about 6 feet off a ladder and got bruised fairly bad that I couldn’t jog for about three months.

    My second thought was: media outlets such as Huffpost, Wapo, and MSNBC fabricating a story that a disgruntled conservative tripped her on the steps while she was leaving her chambers yesterday at the end of the day.

  14. Joe in Canada says:

    Amul Thapar, a convert from Hinduism to Catholicism (like Bobby Jindal) and who sent an old nun to jail!

  15. Semper Gumby says:

    Prayers for RBG’s swift recovery and her swift resignation and replacement by Barrett.

    Fuerza: Good point. The “Democrats” and their Useful Idiots would fabricate a Big Lie against Barrett as they did against Kavanaugh. Regardless of the next SCOTUS resignation and nominee, if it happens before 2020 another Show Trial is likely. No doubt accompanied by virtue-signalling, shrieks of “Guilty!”, door-banging, howling, and witchcraft.

    Gabriel Syme: An evening at Edinburgh Castle with a bottle of, say, Talisker and “Scotland the Brave” on the bagpipes ought to bump that up near 100%. Let’s throw in a deep-fried Mars bar for good measure.

  16. Il Ratzingeriano says:

    I read somewhere that God likes it when one prays for the seeming impossible. I don’t know if that is true, but hoping that it is, I pray as follows: That Justice Ginsburg have a speedy and full recovery, and immediately come to see the evil that is embedded in her abortion-related jurisprudence, repent of that evil, and one day, in the not too distant future, join a majority US Supreme Court opinion that overrules Roe v. Wade.

  17. Bellarmino Vianney says:

    The Supreme Court will soon be irrelevant due to the Mob Rule being established enforced by the diabolical liberals across the U.S.

    Law enforcement entities have clearly been conquered by those with the mob mentality in numerous locations.

    The law enforcement officers themselves are hopefully upstanding people. It is the people in the front office of law enforcement entities – the lawyers, psychologists, etc. – are clearly diabolical narcissist liberals. There main tactics are unlawful surveillance and false accusations that are nearly impossible to prove.

    Apparently Mayors are the ones who choose Chief of Police and therefore decide what type (law abiding, or mob) law enforcers will be employed; and, if a Mayor is a liberal, well, one can count on law enforcement being liberal and with the mob mentality.

    And because liberals do not support the Constitution, one can accurately surmise that law enforcement will be guided by mob rule – whatever they say and do is right, regardless of what the Supreme Court decides or regardless of the Constitution or regardless of the rule of law.

    Most people do not realize the grave danger that the U.S. is in due to the unchecked power that is given to entities like the FBI, NSA, CIA, and even your local law enforcement entities.

    Just take a look at the Southern border – the U.S. *already has* laws which prohibit the U.S. being invaded by foreigners. But the law enforcers are refusing to enforce that law, and in many cases the Mayors and governors are aiding and abetting in the breaking of the law.

  18. SKAY says:

    RBG has said that she would not retire unless it is under a Democrat administration.

  19. tzabiega says:

    I was reading once a blog with comments from conservative lawyers, and one was very funny when he said, “I won’t talk ill about Ruthy [Ginsburg], as one does not talk ill about the dead.” Apparently, the poor, old justice’s docket is now run by her clerks who prevent the world from knowing how demented Ginsburg is becoming. Look on you tube for her appearance at a memorial service of Justice Scalia, when she lost her notes which Justice Thomas tried to help her find, and then she couldn’t say anything sensible because her clerks were not there to write her a new note. And that was 2 year ago. I hope she does convert as well, but she can do that as a retired justice. It would be bizarre if physicians find her incompetent to make her own medical decisions, but she remains on the Supreme Court.

  20. Malta says:

    2Bellaramin: I would disagree with you. The Federal Government can take over entire police departments, like the DOJ did with the Albuquerque Police Department. Trump is sending 14,000 US Military troops to the border with Mexico. You are correct that Mayors decide who is elected Chef of Police (I have been friends with two), but if you make the Feds mad they WILL intervene, for better or worse.

  21. Malta says:

    As for Justice Ginsberg, I pray for her recovery, and hope she can stay on the bench. The writers of our US Constitution deliberately set-up the separation of powers between legislative, executive and life-time Judicial for a reason: to make sure tyranny never takes over our Nation. I dislike her politics, but anyone who wishes her ill is not an American.

  22. Malta says:

    One more interesting thing, Fr. Z, that your readers might be interested in is this: the Senate can confirm a SCOTUS nominee without House approval. The House is basically powerless between the Senate and the Presidency, if the latter two are aligned. Say if Ginsberg were to resign after Trump gets re-elected (which he will) we will have another conservative on the bench, and everything in this Country will literally change.

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