VIDEO: A reaction to a first Traditional Latin Mass

This is pretty interesting. Here is a thoughtful young man with his observations about participating at a Traditional Latin Mass for the first time.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Ditto! The TLM is where heaven touching earth becomes sense perceptible.
    Thanks be to God and our German Shepherd.

  2. ServusChristi says:

    Precisely what I felt for the first time attending a mass offered by the FSSP. In answering his final point about the bishops objection to Summorum Pontificum, do note that the New Mass was brought to you by Pope Paul VI who certainly intended to ban the TLM. This will sound simplistic but the mindset of ‘Saint’ Pope Paul VI is certainly the majority mindset amongst the hierarchy.

  3. Akita says:

    Appears he is “woke”.

  4. gaudiumcumpace says:

    The Latin Mass awakes the sincere intellect, then proceeds to convert the heart. The Jewel of humanity, many have found it yet many more are wandering still.

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