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America Magazine: Pastor Apologizes for Vatican’s “Insensitive” Words

From America Magazine with my emphases and comments: Pastor Apologizes for Vatican’s "Insensitive" WordsAugust 18, 2010James Martin, S.J. A pastor in Oak Park, Ill., has apologized to the women and women religious of his parish for the Vatican’s "insensitive and … Read More

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In fairness to writers in America Magazine

A couple things: In America Magazine, Sean Michael Winters, who is wrong about most things, got something right about the ghastly MSM recent coverage clerical sexual abuse of children.  He is a bit late in his examination of the case … Read More

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America Magazine article about the dissident petition against the new translation

First, I have an ACTION ITEM for you WDTPRSers.I urge people to look at the petition "We’ve Waited Long Enough". When you sign that petition, use a real name.   On the dissident petition, there are more signatures but a very … Read More

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America Magazine and a 1960’s revolt against the new translation

From America Magazine with my emphases and comments. I have a "modest proposal" at the end. The piece was written by Fr. Michael G. Ryan, Rector of St. James Cathedral in Seattle, WA.  Here is something about him from the … Read More

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An analysis of the Bp. Tobin “Hardball” interview

From American Magazine comes this with my emphases and comments. We have seen Michael Sean Winters before here on WDTPRS.  He wrote a hit piece about Patrick Madrid some months ago. Here is a day I didn’t think would arrive … Read More

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Amerika Magazine gets it wrong again

The Jesuit editors of Amerika Magazine have little clarity about both recent American history or sound theology.  This is obvious from their editorial in the 22 June issue. Be prepared for some bad writing here.  They are getting worse. Now … Read More

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