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“With all the priests, we pray: Save us, Lord, we perish!” A snippet from the new Benedict/Sarah book

A snip of the co-authored introduction from the new book, by Sarah and Benedict.   The book is offered “en hommage” to all the priests of the world. We thought in particular of priests. Our priestly heart wanted to comfort them, … Read More

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FIRST REMARKS about the new book by Card. Sarah and Benedict XVI

Robert Card. Sarah and Pope Benedict XVI have collaborated on a new book. They respond to certain aspects of The Present Crisis.™ From the Depths of our Hearts The dedication of the book says it all. En hommage aux prêtres … Read More

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Card. Sarah: “Catholics can no longer remain silent.”

The Church and her Lord cannot be separated.   The Church and the Catholic Christian cannot separated.   The Lord endured His Passion and Cross.  So too must the Church and individual Catholics endure a passions and crosses.   The Church is, I … Read More

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In general, appointments in the Roman Curia tend to be ad quinquennium… for a five year period.   In ancient Rome, five-year periods were important for census taking, etc.: a lustrum.* As it turns out, His Eminence Robert Card. Sarah, was … Read More

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AMAZING INTERVIEW with @Card_R_Sarah “I believe that we are at a turning point in the history of the Church.”

Cri de coeur is the Word of the Day, it seems. At the National Catholic Register, there is an interview with Robert Card. Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship. His newest book The Day Is Now Far Spent is … Read More

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Card. Sarah on kneeling before the Eucharist, Communion in the hand

The other day I visited the chapel of an important Marian apparition.  There were many pilgrims including groups of young people.  A worker nun breezily made a sort of bow to the Blessed Sacrament as she passed before the tabernacle. … Read More

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The Power of Silence? Card. Sarah declines role on #2018Synod committee

LifeSite: Cardinal Sarah declines election to key committee at Vatican Youth Synod [“walking together”] VATICAN CITY, October 4, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Cardinal Robert Sarah was elected last evening as a member of the Information Commission responsible for disseminating news on … Read More

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@Card_R_Sarah terrific sermon for Pentecost and pilgrimage

His Eminence Robert Card. Sarah gave a terrific sermon at Chartres for the conclusion of the traditional Pentecost pilgrimage. NLM has the text in English. Shall I touch some items that really caught my attention?  My emphases and comments. Allow … Read More

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Communion in the hand. Wherein Fr. Z rants and provokes.

Not long ago, Robert Card. Sarah penned a preface for a recent book (HERE) about Communion in the hand.  The Cardinal Prefect of the CDW argues that various forces and practices have diminished faith in the Eucharist.  Some of those … Read More

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Card. Sarah has frightened the libs… again. The vicious attacks begin.

Summoning the nastiness of which liberals are duly known, Rita Ferrone demonstrates how mean-spirited a lib can be in piece penned for Commonsqueal.  She attacked Robert Card. Sarah because he has called for a rethinking of Communion in the hand. … Read More

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Card. Sarah: return to Communion directly on the tongue while kneeling

A combination of factors has lead to erosion of understanding of the Eucharist and reverence for the Eucharist.  Included in these factors is a near universal insistence that everyone go to Communion at every Mass and, of course, lay ministers … Read More

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Concerning lying by omission, the perils of words, and the advantages of silence

At First Things there is a piece by Ramona V. Tausz, who rightly admires the discretion of Queen Elizabeth II regarding the media and too much public exposure.  She writes: [T]here is something refreshing about Elizabeth herself. Nowadays, we expect … Read More

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If our “interior cell phone” is always busy because we are “having a conversation” with other creatures, how can God “call us”?

I find that more and more of my day, when I am at home, is spent in silence.  I have stopped checking the news.  I don’t often listen to music.  Sometimes I listen to audiobooks through Audible or my older … Read More

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War, described.

You might want to pause in your busy busy day to visit First Things and read a piece by Italian vaticanista Marco Tosatti. THE WAR AGAINST CARDINAL SARAH Do you want to know the sort of man Card. Sarah really is? … Read More

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“I learned that when a person has decided to destroy you, he has no lack of words, spite, and hypocrisy”

Inspired by something sent to me today from a Twitter feed.  [UPDATE It’s also quoted by Matthew Schmitz at the Catholic Herald in June 2017 in a round up article about how much people hate Card. Sarah and the amazingly … Read More

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The Germans are revolting.

And so it begins. When Magnum principium came out (which increased the role of bishops conferences in the preparation of liturgical translations), I mentioned that the Germans are usually the problem.  HERE Now there’s this from the Catholic Herald.  My emphases and comments. … Read More

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Card. Sarah: Holy See has last word on liturgical translations

People ran around with their hair on fire a while back when Pope Francis changed the process by which translations of the liturgical texts are prepared.  He gave a greater role to bishops conferences. I read today at the National … Read More

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Card. Sarah schools Jesuit homosexualist activist James Martin

Robert Card. Sarah has corrected homosexualist activist Jesuit James Martin, SJ., in the pages of the Wall Street Journal. How Catholics Can Welcome LGBT Believers It’s possible to stay faithful to the church’s teachings without turning away millions. By Cardinal Robert Sarah … Read More

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NLM: Useful study of creation of the Novus Ordo Lectionary

Have you followed the tennis match back and forth that has resulted since Card. Sarah’s suggestion in La Nef that the Extraordinary and the Ordinary Forms of Mass should have a coordinated Lectionary? Some were cool about that suggestion and … Read More

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Fr. de Souza responds to responses about “reconciliation” of newer and traditional Forms of the Roman Rite

UPDATE 26 July: Joseph Shaw of the LMS posted a response to Fr. de Souza’s response to us, who responded… etc.  HERE ___ Originally Published on: Jul 25, 2017 @ 11:14 Some discussion about the “mutual enrichment” hoped for and promoted by Benedict … Read More

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