7 Feb: Bl. Pius IX

Today is the feast of B. Pius IX.   Outside of Rome we do not celebrate Bl. Pius at the altar, but we can certainly on our own consider his contributions during his long pontificate.

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  1. chironomo says:

    Ironically he came up in converstaion elsewhere just the other day in relation to Franz Liszt. It was Pius IX who elevated him to the title of “Abbe” in spite of his colorful past. Interesting story, but maybe for another time….

  2. The Syllabus of Errors. All popes named Pius since Pius IX warned of the evils of Modernism.

  3. Wayne NYC says:

    In his first encyclical (Nov 1846) entitled
    Qui Pluribus Pope Pius IX gave a name to a new
    danger entering the world. A system of thought
    he called “communism”.A new term from our ancient enemy..
    He looked out on a future where the devil was setting a vast series of
    snares…and he sent out the alarm that “modernism”was the sum of all errors.
    He maintained the tradition of vigilance set up by Peter.
    “..quia adversarius vester diabolus tamquam leo
    rugiens, circuit, quaerens quem devoret: cui resistite fortes
    in fide.”
    Read the Syllabus of Errors its prophetic and brilliant.

  4. A great Pope. A wonderful example and intercessor!

  5. Supertradmom says:

    One of my favorite popes and a great saint, this man is also a great example for our youth, as he was so poor and through grace and natural talent rose to rule the Holy Mother Church. I truly love him.

  6. SidMJr says:

    “as he was so poor”


    Pius IX wasn’t poor, since he was born at a noble family! Aren’t you confusing Pius IX with St Pius X?

  7. Titus says:

    Could someone explain the rule about where a feast is celebrated? Is it not allowed to celebrate the Mass in honor of Bl. Pius IX outside Rome, or is it just not required or customary since he’s not on the universal calendar?

  8. trespinos says:

    E.E.Y. Hale’s “Pio Nono” made for a fascinating read. At the very end, though, the Pope’s attitude toward his faithful servant Cardinal Antonelli bothered me a bit. No doubt he’d had reason for disappointment, though. Antonelli was the last lay, political Cardinal, right?

  9. Joshua08 says:

    Cardinal Antonelli was a deacon, hence not lay. He had taken minor orders, but dropped from seminary before the subdiaconate. When he was made a cardinal he was ordained to the order of deacon…being the last true Cardinal deacon in that sense

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