WDTPRS Spiritual Bouquet for Pope Benedict for St. Joseph’s Day (19 March)

Pray for Pope Benedict

Think of the great cares the Holy Father bears in his heavy mandate as Vicar of Christ. He has need of our prayers to help him be strong and to guard him from his enemies.

I propose to all readers here a Spiritual Bouquet for Pope Benedict with a ending date of 19 March, the Feast of St. Joseph, which is the Holy Father’s baptismal “name day”. Since we are beginning on 19 February we have about a month.

Will you participate?

If you are a blogger, will you direct people here for the during of the time?

You are able to check more than one of the options below. I have it set so that you can participate once per 24 hour period (24 hours from the last time you voted).

Many of these works also gain an indulgence under the usual conditions.

If some of the options don’t seem exact enough for what you have done, that’s okay. This isn’t a scientific poll. It is a spiritual bouquet.  Just find the option that best describes what you did to participate.

WDTPRS SPIRITUAL BOUQUET FOR POPE BENEDICT XVI (ending 19 March - St. Joseph's Day) - You can choose more than one. Once per 24 hour period (since the last time you chose).

  • Prayers during the day (including hour of the Office) (18%, 893 Votes)
  • Mass and/or Holy Communion (16%, 793 Votes)
  • Chaplet of the Rosary (5 mysteries) (15%, 767 Votes)
  • Spiritual reading (11%, 563 Votes)
  • Decade of the Rosary (11%, 535 Votes)
  • Visit to the Blessed Sacrament (9%, 457 Votes)
  • Other (6%, 310 Votes)
  • Day of fasting from food or another thing (5%, 237 Votes)
  • Entire Rosary (all the mysteries) (5%, 233 Votes)
  • Work of mercy (4%, 197 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,605

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