NEW WDTPRS COFFEE MUG: Universae Ecclesiae edition

It has been a while since I have offered a different WDTPRS mug for your consumption of Mystic Monk Coffee or Tea. Behold, the newest: the Universae Ecclesiae 8 mug.

As you know Universae Ecclesiae was the Instruction from the Pontifical Commission “Eccleisa Dei” about the provisions of Summorum Pontificum.

In case the obtuse hadn’t figured out what Summorum Pontificum was about, paragraph 8 of UE explains the situation. It is now immortalized on your very own coffee mug.

What a great gift to some priest who doesn’t quite understand that Summorum Pontificum was the real deal?

The text of Universae Ecclesiae 8:

8. The Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum constitutes an important expression of the Magisterium of the Roman Pontiff and of his munus of regulating and ordering the Church’s Sacred Liturgy. The Motu Proprio manifests his solicitude as Vicar of Christ and Supreme Pastor of the Universal Church, and has the aim of:
a. offering to all the faithful the Roman Liturgy in the Usus Antiquior, considered as a precious treasure to be preserved;
b. effectively guaranteeing and ensuring the use of the forma extraordinaria for all who ask for it, given that the use of the 1962 Roman Liturgy is a faculty generously granted for the good of the faithful and therefore is to be interpreted in a sense favourable to the faithful who are its principal addressees;
c. promoting reconciliation at the heart of the Church.

Ever have a discussion about those for whom the provisions of Summorum Pontificum were destined or why the Holy Father did what he did?  Stop their gob with this!

Here is the Ur-Mug, the first ever made, from Cafe Press.  This the regular sized, not over-sized, mug.

Before I opened the store to the public, I wanted to make sure that the print came out nice and clear.  In the images in the cafepress store, the print looked a little fuzzy.  It isn’t! It is crisp and clear and easy to read.

As you can see there is text in English and in Latin:





Click and buy.  The Cafepress site will sort out which country you are from and make the necessary adjustments for you.

And what could one put in this mug?

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  1. jbosco88 says:

    Will they be available with a half price Ordination Tambourine for those Priests who were deprived?

  2. Hmmm… I hadn’t thought of that.

  3. Phil_NL says:

    You could ask if cafépress can do tambourines; you could print all the text of UE (and Sp as well) on one. Of course, you should also rig that tambourine in such a way that every time you attempt to play it, it doesn’t make any sound – except for a small electronic recording of gregorian chant. I’ll leave it to your imagination which chant would be most appropriate…

  4. bened1ct2s says:

    Father, Why is the large mug and stein cheaper than the standard mug? As a Scotsman I am always looking out for a bargain but cannot help wondering if Cafe Press has inadvertantly reversed the pricing order. Just wondering.

    [Thanks for the note! With your help, I raised the price of the other two!]

  5. Charles E Flynn says:

    I see a brave new marketing plan in which important documents are spread across multiple mugs.

  6. Tradster says:


    A more appropriate text for the ordination tambourine would be JPII’s declaration that the Catholic Church has no authority to ordain women as priests, and that the issue is therefore settled.

  7. Tradster says:

    Come to think of it, that would be welcomed on a mug, too!

  8. Slappo says:

    A mug with a bag of mystic monk coffee looks like the perfect gift for my parish priest who we’ve petitioned to start offering the Extraordinary Form and is planning to start offering it in January!

  9. Istud poculum, ut mihi videtur, episcopis donare libet in festum Nativitatis.

  10. MissOH says:

    I like….of course I just got my order from Cafe Press today with my Pro Pontifice 16th mug but I did get a code for another discount…..

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