A priest with something to say to Planned Parenthood

A priest with something to say:


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  1. NoraLee9 says:

    Great background music from Matt Maher. I love a lot of the Christian Rock coming out and I listen to K-Love Radio on the Internet. (We don’t have it broadcast here locally in New York City. I discovered it the year I spent in Syracuse). I wish there was a Catholic station which played that sort of music. I shudder when I read the screeds again rock music on the Remnant. Although there is plenty of Satanic Rock music out there, there is also a growing amount of spiritually enriching, foot-tapping, even danceable music out there for the devout RC.
    Thank you for sharing this video, Father. Would that I could wash the Planned Parenthood abomination away with my blood.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, thanks for that, Fr. I love his strong words. I’d like to see that video go “viral”, as they say. Just a purely personal opinion, I didn’t like the background music. Dramatic, yes. Maybe if it was a tad quieter, it would’ve been even more dramatic and less distracting. But Father’s fighting words and passion, I hope, are contagious!

  3. Maltese says:

    Nora, I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a RC contemporary rock artist, normally I think Chris Tomlin or Amy Grant, thanks for tuning me in to Matt Maher!

    Although I like quite a bit of rock, especially Led Zepplin, which brilliantly combines rock, jazz, and classical elements, I also see Matt’s argument. Modernism lends itself to disorder, and this disorder is expressed, musically, through the cacophony calling itself “music” today: Lady CACA, et al.

    Gregorian Chant and musicians such as Palestrina, Mozart and Beethoven, all Catholics, from various centuries, lend themselves to order.

    As to the video, this Priest has a good point: why doesn’t PP mention its founder? Could it be that dirty little word eugenics?

    Matt Maher is talented but his music is dust in the wind. In ten years it will be passe, as all contemporary Christian rock music is. It’s not universal, and temporal. It appeals to the emotions, but not the soul so much.

  4. jkm210 says:

    Fr. Hollowell’s the man! I went to high school with him. Father Hollowell is the chaplain at Cardinal Ritter High School in Indianapolis, and his younger brother, who was in my class, is now also in the seminary. Love that creepy background music!

  5. Jeremiah says:

    “Here comes the Catholic Church.”

    …I was waiting for him to finish that with “Here comes everybody!” As BadCatholic said in his caption of a picture of an ent with a miter throwing rocks at Isengard, “When any creature that normally takes half a century to form a complete statement starts a united effort to destroy your plans, think twice about your own brilliance.”

    Or from the same source, a “Success Nun” meme: “We could tell you how many empires tried to tell us what to do, but it would take 2,000 years.”

    Thanks for the post Fr. Z, nice start the day.

  6. yatzer says:

    I am so very pleased, happy, proud to live in the same diocese as Fr. Hollowell. God bless him!

  7. heway says:

    Right on , Father! You made my day! Forwarding the blogspot to vocation director, etc…..

  8. disco says:

    Great video. But that song at the end? Just a sandwich?

  9. FidelisV says:

    Amazing video! Good music, but it´d be better a bit quieter.
    All the support to Fr. Hollowell. “Here comes the Catholic Church.”

  10. Dan P says:

    Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman had something to say:


    Talk about prophetic.

  11. irishgirl says:

    Great video! Didn’t much care for the rock music at the end, though; I had to turn the volume down while wearing my earphones in the library.
    Wish this priest was made a Bishop!
    ‘Here comes the Catholic Church…..’ Way to go, Father Hollowell!

  12. NoTambourines says:

    Fr. notes that Maggie Sanger is swept under the rug. I think it could be very productive to launch and ad campaign of her quotations along the lines of “Can you guess who said…”

    Things like “Funds that should be used to raise the standard of our civilization are diverted to the maintenance of those who should never have been born.”

    And “‘Constructive’ Eugenics aims to arouse the enthusiasm or the interest of the people in the welfare of the world fifteen or twenty generations in the future. On its negative side it shows us that we are paying for and even submitting to the dictates of an ever increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all


    “Moreover, when we realize that each feeble-minded person is a potential source of an endless progeny of defect, we prefer the policy of immediate sterilization, of making sure that parenthood is absolutely prohibited to the feeble-minded.

    “This, I say, is an emergency measure. But how are we to prevent the repetition in the future of a new harvest of imbecility, the recurrence of new generations of morons and defectives, as the logical and inevitable consequence of the universal application of the traditional and widely approved command to increase and multiply?”

    And reveal at the end that it’s the Planned Parenthood hero Sanger. All of the above are from her The Pivot of Civilization [http://www.gutenberg.org/files/1689/1689-h/1689-h.htm]

    “Generations of morons.” Heh.

  13. Long-Skirts says:


  14. nsummy says:

    If only father would address the 90% of women in the catholic church who take birth control and not blame Planned Parenthood maybe he would be more credible. If only he would have also blamed the Catholic hospitals that perform vasectomies and tie tubes.

    How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove that splinter from your eye,’ while the wooden beam is in your eye?

  15. DFWShook says:

    @nsummy – Ah, the strawman argument; it never gets old.

  16. EucharistLove says:

    nsummy: It’s not Father’s fault that 90% of the women in the Catholic Church take birth control. Those women are in mortal sin and have chose to ignore the Truth of Christ’s Church and have damned their souls as a result. Your comment is totally without merit or force.

  17. jeremyschwager says:

    The 90% or 98% of Catholic women use birth control statistic is misleading and false. 24% would be more accurate http://www.phatmass.com/dust/98percent/ But however many there are, as others have pointed out, is irrelevant to the objective morality of the action of birth control use.

  18. Sissy says:

    nsummy, even if it were true that 90% of Catholic women contracept, it wouldn’t be relevant. But that is a phony statistic manufactured by Planned Parenthood’s “research” arm. The Washington Post (if you can believe it!) completely debunked the study that produced that statistic. When even the Washington Post laughs at this claim, that should tell you something.

  19. Sister H. says:

    A+, Father! Preach on!

  20. Sister H. says:

    “I think it could be very productive to launch and ad campaign of her quotations along the lines of ‘Can you guess who said…'”

    Notambourines…EXCELLENT idea!! :)

  21. wmeyer says:

    Sissy, that’s a great item! Hard for the liberals to refute the WaPo. ;)

  22. Adrianne says:

    @ NoTambourines & Sister H. : I think we may be past the hour when exposing Sanger’s evil could have any impact. Many if not most non-Christians today are comfortable with the idea of slaughtering pre-born Down’s babies; they’re probably in favor of eugenics.

  23. Centristian says:


    You make a fair point insofar as the modern Catholic Church has got a few huge beams or two sticking out of her eye. No question about it. The priest in the video touches upon that, however, and I don’t think his credibility suffers from the fact that he doesn’t introduce a condemnation of what alot of modern Catholics may or may not be up to. He has a message about one problem, not about every problem, and he delivers it in a refreshingly courageous way that I, personally, find refreshing and heartening.

    That said, let such a priest also deliver a similar message via YouTube directed at Catholic institutions that undercut the Church’s own positions by violating them on a regular basis. Sure. There are emenies within and ememies without. There are bishops who apologize to demonstrative lesbians while at the same time throwing conscientious priests under a bus. I’d like to see a video by a priest throwing down the gauntlet at bishops who embarrass me as a Catholic.

    Truth be told, however, there are priests around who take aim at the devil wherever they find him, whether within the Church or without. The priest who runs this blog does that every day. And perhaps the priest in this video does, too. But this is the talk of his that was singled out for presentation on this particular blog, and the topic of his remarks was a very specific one.

  24. Johnno says:

    @ nsummy

    You do know of course, that the reason so many Catholic women take contraceptives and get abortions, and the reason so many Catholic Hospitals provides such services, is because they have been convinced by, and are brainwashed or are forced to by the ideologies Planned Parenthood promotes through the media, through government and every outlet they can even going so far as to shut up the Church by declaring the Church is full of bigotry against women and other falsities?

    Next, you ought to tell Christ that He ought to stop preaching against greed because that Judas guy over there who works for Him isn’t being such a good example.

  25. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    Re: Sizable numbers of Catholic women commiting the sin of using artifical contraception:

    For many of the Catholic women using contra, there are Catholic husbands who either advise her or command her to do so, or who are at least complicit with her decision to do so.

    Thus, these husbands are very much involved in this sin, as well; it makes no sense to speak of Catholic women contracepting, when it is really Catholic couples – men and women contracepting.

    I realize that there may be women using contra against their husbands’ wishes or without their husbands’ knowledge. But I suspect these are a small minority.

    When it comes to this particular sin, I think the reality is that Catholic fellows are very much on board and out in front, folks.

    As Shakespeare wrote, “women may fall when there’s no strength in men!”

  26. Clinton R. says:

    What a militant attitude for a priest in the Church Militant! This is what we need. Tough, straight forward speech. None of this willy nilly ‘let’s talk it out’ stuff. I pray for the Church to be gifted by God with more priests such as Fr. Hollowell, Fr. Michael Rodgriguez, Fr. Ryan Erhlenbush, Fr. Marcel Guarnizo and of course, Fr. Zuhlsdorf. These men are filled with zeal for Our Lord Jesus and His Immaculate Bride. +JMJ+

  27. NoraLee9 says:

    I wish Catholics heard more about NFP for any number of reasons. It is shameful how women are convinced that poisoning their bodies with various forms of contraception is a good thing. My best friend from college became pregnant with an IUD implanted. This was a heartbreaker all the way around…. I am starting to feel like this healthcare thing is a nightmare. When are we going to wake up?

  28. 8latinfans says:

    First Fr. Sammie Maletta and now Fr. John Hollowell. The priests from Indiana are leading the charge! Proud to be from Indiana.

  29. I liked that piece, except that I would have left off the music at the end. Father’s words did not need anything added to them, except that we still have to go and enter the battle, which isn’t about one thing either. So much of what is wrong with society today is all fruit of the same rotten tree, and attacking one or another branch won’t be enough. We need to get the tap root.

  30. Miriam says:

    A friend of mine, who is a cradle Catholic, told me that at one time she and her husband had used contraception. A priest told them that it was okay. After all, they knew how many children they could afford and raise.

    Years later, after they learned more on their own about the teachings of the Church, they became the proud parents of four more children.

    How much responsibility have priests had for the contraception practices of Catholic families?

  31. nsummy says:

    EucharistLove, you are right, its not the priest’s fault when a catholic takes birth control. It is also not planned parenthood’s fault either. Let me know when the government rounds up women and forces them into a planned parenthood clinic, then I will see things differently.

  32. nsummy says:

    Centristian, you bring up some good points. Yes he addresses one problem and not all of them. My issue is that it seems like everyone on here addresses ONLY the problem this priest has, which is Planned Parenthood. For all of the letters I have heard read at Homilies about this issue I have never once heard a priest get up and address the congregation about birth control before his whole controversy. No priest will make a youtube video aimed at his congregation calling them sinners if they are using birth control. Too offensive to his congregation. Instead all of these priests and bishops target Obama, planned parenthood, etc. There needs to be a grassroots campaign.

    This reminds me of the war on drugs that has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and costed billions. And for what? People still are using drugs as they always have. Educating the population is the key, which brings me to the next point, there is none. I am 29 and a life long catholic. I have many catholic friends who I met in college. None of us have ever received any instruction on birth control, except that it is bad. No reasoning, no explanation. Before confirmation it was never brought up, never brought up after. I was a sponsor for a new member joining the church, it wasn’t brought up then either. Now perhaps if I went to a catholic high school the issue would have been taught but otherwise no.

  33. rodin says:

    The music is lovely, but I cannot hear what the good Father has to say.

  34. rodin says:

    Oops! Cancel that. It seems there was some music playing in the background on my computer that was overriding the video.

  35. rodin says:

    Perhaps the reason Planned Parenthood says so little about Margaret Sanger is because, as I understand it, her goal was to reduce the surplus population of black people. The organization, therefore, could be considered racist.

  36. cornelius74 says:

    Great effort from the Father. Perhaps I would disagree with the music choice, but otherwise I must say that I wish priests like this one would also serve in my country. Dear Father, keep up the excellent way! May the Blessed Virgin Mother support you with her blessing, through her Son Jesus Christ.

  37. wmeyer says:

    Fr. Hollowel is worth looking up on youtube — he has over 100 videos online, I think, and they are either classes he taught or homilies he has given.

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