ACTION ITEM! VOTE! An annual award for Catholic websites.

awardHelp, please?

WDTPRS is a finalist for Best Catholic Blog in’s Readers Choice Awards.

Click HERE to go to the page to VOTE.

You may vote once per day…. actually once per 24 hour period.  24 hrs after your vote, vote again!  NB: You don’t need to register with  All you need is a facebook login or some email address or other. Easy.

So, please help WDTPRS and vote each day as part of your daily surfing routine until the voting closes on 21 March.


About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Velle Mere says:

    You are at 93% at the moment!

  2. Let’s see if we can keep it that way!


  3. acardnal says:

    Interesting that “Word on Fire” blog by Fr. Robert Barron was not one of the finalists.

  4. irishgirl says:

    I just voted-and you’re now at 95% there, Father Z!
    The others are barely blips!

  5. mamajen says:

    No contest, Father! Nothing against the other bloggers, but I trust your opinions, guidance and motives 100 percent. I’m very cautious about what I read online when it comes to Catholicism. I’ve been following along since the old AFQB days. I also think it’s great that a traditional priest has such a grasp of blogging and social media. You’re reaching all kinds of people with the right message.

  6. dans0622 says:

    Fr. Barron doesn’t do much “blogging” at his site. The blogging is the work of others associated somehow with “word on fire.” I don’t know if there is such a thing as a video blog. He does that, occasionally.

  7. filioque says:

    Still holding at 95%!
    Which is the Best Catholic Blog?
    Catholic and Enjoying It! 1%
    Catholic Fire. 0%
    Conversion Diary. 2%
    Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction. 0%
    What Does the Prayer Really Say? 95%

  8. AishwaryaBhatia says:

    I just checked the vote site. It is no contest! You are at over 95%. I never heard of the others.

    Badhai ho!! (Hindi for Congratulations to you)

  9. CAR says:

    I just voted for you, Fr. You’re now 96%. I do, however, enjoy Catholic Fire.

  10. Stvsmith2009 says:

    I voted for you, too. You are still at 96%

  11. ContraMundum says:

    There’s something odd about the way they count a day; it tells me I’ve already voted today. I would have thought the period was midnight to midnight, but maybe they mean “24 hours since your last vote”.

  12. wmeyer says:

    They also appear to be truncating, not rounding, on percentages, since the sum of all yields 97%.

  13. digdigby says:

    You are dropping into the upper 70% range. I do believe Mark Shea is listing dead people and relatives over and over again – but don’t repeat that. [Oh! Does he still have a blog? o{];¬) ]

  14. pm125 says:

    Website: EWTN 25% Help. There are valuable resources …

  15. wmeyer says:

    WDTPRS is down to 77%. More votes are needed, brothers and sisters. [Get out the vote! Make some calls! Send some emails! o{];¬) ]

  16. wmeyer says:

    While it is possible that Mr. Shea is still blogging, the depth of vitriol I have witnessed in his articles makes me doubt his conversion. And I must certainly hope that his could never seriously be considered a Catholic blog, representative of Catholic thought.

  17. Andy Milam says:

    Fr. Z;

    I have voted for you. You deserve all the praise you can get. I do firmly believe that you are the Rush Limbaugh of Catholic blogging.

    That’s a good thing.

  18. irishgirl says:

    I voted again, and now it’s down to 64 % for you, Father Z.

  19. I don’t know- I’m torn!!! I think my votes are canceling each other out because I’m trying to spread the love around. : )

  20. Mary Jane says:

    I’d vote, but I don’t have an or a facebook account…not about to create either one…sorry Fr Z! You have my vote in spirit though!

  21. acardnal says:

    @MaryJane: you do not need an account to vote. Just click on the link Fr. Z provided.

  22. APX says:

    I just voted, and you’re at 63%. That being said, you’re still leading by a landslide.

  23. mibethda says:

    Borrowing on the tradition of the Democratic party, I have voted early and often.

  24. iowapapist says:

    Dear Father:

    Voting was the least I could do. Thank you for years of bringing comfort to those of us who have no alternative to “touch-feely” Catholicism. I don’t know how you make time to maintain this website, but Deo Gratias you do.

  25. Marlon says:

    Just voted for today. It’s on my daily “to do” list so I won’t forget. Thanks for all you do, Father.

  26. MaryW says:

    Father, you can count on a daily vote from me.

  27. Vincenzo says:

    Voted. Fr. Z is at 60%.

  28. wmeyer says:

    Yes, a slow decline. We need more voters!

  29. Cool Catholic says:

    Grrrr… the vote is stuck at 60% no matter how many email addresses I enter. is v-e-r-y handy.

  30. Why do you care? You see how many hits you get a day. Why would you need more validation?

  31. eyeclinic says:

    I have to agree with David. Why does this matter? Is there a financial reward? Better access to servers? Greater visibility in the ether? Better parking in cyberspace? What are these awards good for?

  32. Sissy says:

    I see voting for the blog as an evangelization tool. There are people who will come to the blog to check it out because of the awards. That’s how I found it. As a new convery attending a less-than-orthodox regular Mass, there were lots of things I just didn’t learn or know about. I’ve learned a great deal here, and been greatly encouraged (especially on issues like regular confession). So, I think the awards can play a role in helping to build our faith, “brick by brick”.

  33. Sissy says:

    Sorry – misspelling! “Convert”, not “convery.

  34. Centristian says:

    “I do firmly believe that you are the Rush Limbaugh of Catholic blogging.

    That’s a good thing.”

    It is? Gzheesh. I suppose I think of him more as the Fulton Sheen of the blogosphere. I’m more comfortable with making that comparison, at any rate.

    Which ever Catholic blog ends up winning, this is the only one I actually enjoy and follow daily, so it wins at least the “Centristian’s Choice” award. I’m sorry it doesn’t come with a little badge graphic or anything.

  35. acardnal says:

    Come on folks! It’s March 12 and Father Z is only at 60 percent. Let’s keep voting – DAILY!

  36. irishgirl says:

    I was just there to cast another vote (for Father Z, of course!), and it now reads 57 % for him.
    I think I’ll have to do some more voting between now and the end of this month.
    ‘Vote early, and often’-ah yes, the motto of the Chicago political machine! ; )

  37. disco says:

    Another vote for WDTPRS – the Cadillac of Catholic blogs

  38. HeatherPA says:

    I voted for you! God bless you and the work you do!!

  39. Thank you, all, for voting for WDTPRS!

    Could you ask some of your friends to do so also?

  40. Virgile says:

    I just voted and will do it again in 24 hours

  41. acardnal says:

    16 March: Fr. Z is losing ground folks! Let’s get out there and VOTE!

  42. irishgirl says:

    I voted again, and Father Z is still at 57 %.
    Come on, WDTPRS readers! Vote early, and vote often!
    [tee hee] ; )

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