FNC: Hemmer interviews Obama surrogate: hijinx and anti-Catholicism result

I saw on FNC Bill Hemmer’s interview of two talking heads, Monica Crowley (conservative pundette) and Christopher Hahn (former aide to Sen. Chuck Schumer D-NY).  I hope they post the video of this surprising exchange.

The wonks were reacting to the interview with His Eminence Timothy Card. Dolan concerning Obama Administration’s attack on religious liberty.  Crowley does a workman-like job of laying out the issues.  Hahn stages a spittle-flecked nutty.

But in the midst of his nutty, he reveals the unvarnished position he, and those for whom he is shilling (read: Pres. Obama), really hold.

I share the audio (no video) of this because the Democrat surrogate says some really incredible things.  He reveals the mindset of the Church’s liberal opponents in an exemplary way, saying that we know they think but rarely hear them say so openly.

Take note of Hahn’s starting point: sex is for recreation.  Because of the economic hard times, Catholic Church should abandon the medieval stuff they just made up and stop fighting free distribution of contraception.

His statement left Bill Hemmer, with a shocked expression the audio can’t convey, but you can hear his exclamation of surprise.  Hahn goes on to pour out his hatred and contempt for the Catholic Church, her teachings and the bishops.

I think Card. Dolan and the USCCB is making headway and the hysterical reaction of this Obama surrogate is the result.

Pres. Obama’s surrogates will more an more adopt this brutal tone of anti-Catholic bigotry while appealing to the American public’s base appetites and private parts.

Here is the audio of the exchange.


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  1. Reminds me of the quote from Gandhi that you have often mentioned:

    First they ignore you.
    Then they ridicule you.
    Then they fight you.
    Then you win.

    Hang in there, bishops! And everyone else! Actually, kick it up a notch! Now’s the time!

  2. catholicmidwest says:

    Christopher Hahn is the ex-aide of a Democratic congressmen, first and foremost. That’s who he is. The only reason he was available for the interview is that he is on some list someplace as someone who can be interviewed, unlike the vast majority of us normal Catholics out here in the normal world. It’s vitally important that we keep all this in mind. This is entertainment gone berserk and that’s all it is.

    Christopher Hahn has absolutely no standing in the Catholic church, none. He’s not a cardinal. He’s not a bishop. He’s not a priest. He’s not a sister or a friar. He’s not even a decent practicing Catholic by the sounds of this interview. He’s nobody on the topic of what Catholics ought to do or what the Church is or ought to be doing. His opinion is his opinion, big deal. His opinion means less than my cat’s opinion on this topic and she doesn’t have one.

    Real Catholics need to shrug their shoulders and understand that we need to close ranks, gracefully but definitively on these issues. These people screaming obscenities in the media don’t reflect our faith and they don’t represent us. The public needs to see another face of Catholicism: resolve, decency, obedience and identity. Christopher Hahn is not one of ours and he doesn’t speak for the rest of us.

  3. catholicmidwest says:

    PS, when the common Catholics in the country close ranks, those who insist on hanging outside the ranks are gonna get left behind. Yell all they want, whatever. Getting left behind is getting left behind. It’s just that simple. We don’t know who this Christopher Hahn is and why he should matter one iota to us. Just one more lunatic on the news and we know that there is no shortage of lunatics, right?

    It’s for our cardinals & bishops to handle the disciplinary parts of this, not us. Cardinals Dolan, George and Chaput especially are doing just fine. The rest are holding their own. As for the rest of them across the country, our diocesan bishops, they need to be supported and encouraged to do the right thing on these issues. We will stand behind them in this battle and they can count on us.

  4. HyacinthClare says:

    That’s the real voice of the enemy. There it is, thick as the smoke from hell. Anybody think we can make common ground with THAT? Want to trust your freedom to THAT guy?

  5. shane says:

    Hahn came off very poorly in that, while Crowley seemed reasonable. (I’m actually surprised the former didn’t mention the abuse scandals.) If Obama is trying to sell this to the public, he will need better defenders.

  6. dep says:

    It’s redolent of the scene here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtYjdEwa8GA

    Particularly the portion in which Don Corleone speaks of “gambling or even women, which most people want these days and is forbidden to them by . . . the church.”

  7. AvantiBev says:

    Chastity was made up by the Catholic Church? John 4: 1-23 the Gospel for the women of our times.

  8. anilwang says:

    Hahn is just a spin doctor, and as such would say that the moon is made of green cheese and the sun is made of sundaes if it can advance his agenda. He’s a distraction and only the most naive would buy anything he has to sell.

    The fact that his arguments are so objectively false and self-contradictory is irrelevant. It’s done its job on his target audience. He’s going for emotion, trying to work on precisely the fears Cardinal Dolan expressed in the interview. When emotions are involved, truth is irrelevant since you can always claim the objects or your emotion are involved in a conspiracy or hidden agenda or a blatant lie. So his message was received as true by anyone who hates either the Catholic Church or Christianity or organized religion in any form.

    IMO, the only way to handle the spin doctors is to keep your cool, stay on message, speak with charity, be willing to suffer, and above all, not get distracted and expending all our energies on these pawns. Cardinal Dolan seems to be doing a good job on all these fronts (although it’s yet to be determined if he’d be willing to suffer).

  9. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    Hahn made Beavis sound like Oliver Wendell Holmes and Butthead like Winston Churchill.

  10. twele923 says:

    Hahn: 75% of Catholics accept it.
    Crowley: That’s not true! The conference of bishops doesn’t accept it!
    Hahn: Who cares?
    Crowley: I do!

    Kudos to Monica Crowley?

  11. contrarian says:

    @HyacinthClare: “There it is, thick as the smoke from hell. Anybody think we can make common ground with THAT? Want to trust your freedom to THAT guy?”

    Spot on.

    Very instructive exchange here. And I appreciate Hahn’s honesty. Much like the recent NYTimes ad. They have declared us the enemy, and we should repay the compliment.

  12. anilwang says:

    Doc Angelicus, actually we’re still in the “ignore you” stage (see twele923’s comment). The game they’re currently playing is, justifying their ignoring of the Catholic Bishops. Unfortunately, their approach does play well in the US since in most denominations, if most people believe something the official belief of the denomination will change with the conservatives often leaving and forming their own, much smaller denomination. A generation or two later, even these conservatives tend to “change with the times” (see the history of contraception, ordination, church membership requirements, open communion, in any conservative denomination for examples).

    So if the Democrats can successfully convince Americans (especially the average Catholic):
    (1) Catholicism is just another denomination that will eventually change doctrines with the times since “all doctrines are policies”.
    (2) The only ones that care are a handful of old men (better make that old white men for added effect) that only care about this issue because they are on a power trip.
    (3) Even if (1) and (2) weren’t true, Obama has bent over backwards to accommodate these “bullies” and they’re still not satisfied, so it can’t be about religious liberty.

    then they can keep ignoring the Church without fear that it will hurt his reelection prospects.

  13. kelleyb says:

    Mr. Hahn is continuing the myth that obama made a very generous accommodation of the original HHS mandate. The accommodation does not exist. The original mandate wording remains the position of the 0bama administration-nothing has changed . Non possumus! I wish I had a hat with this embroidered on it.

  14. ContraMundum says:

    His opinion means less than my cat’s opinion on this topic and she doesn’t have one.

    I find myself imagining your cat being invited to speak at a meeting of Democratic members of the House of Representatives and complaining about something she would have an opinion about — the need for someone to provide sardines for her for a whole year. Then I imagine a huge brouhaha involving Rush Limbaugh.

  15. JohnE says:

    Hahn’s arguing of the “accomodation”, like we’re stupid enough to believe it actually changed anything, or his argument that Mass attendance will go down if we keep fighting it (yeah, thanks for looking out for us buddy), and catholicmidwest’s cat’s opinion actually being better than Hahn’s….how can one not think of Catnip Mouse:

  16. anilwang, I hear what you’re saying. I think that the stages are not discrete though. There’s a lot of ridicule and fighting going on, too.

  17. SKAY says:

    . I just caught the last part of the interview on Fox –I noticed how pleased he was with himself and his disgusting comments.
    The fact that Hahn was an aid to Chick Schumer explains it all..

  18. caite says:

    Hahn’s remarks were vile and his glee in making them almost as disturbing.

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  20. Cathy says:

    By his own admission, Hahn turned the page on this as a “health care” issue and converted it to a “recreational” and “entertainment” issue.

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  22. heway says:

    I know I am very late in commenting but I did see the program and emailed Fox re: Chris Hahn as an authority on anything catholic. Monica was terrific but he had had the look of satan with his sneer. He worked for Chuck Schumer of NY state. Where do they find these people? He really upset me, angered me with his so-called statistics and saying the church should get with it re: contraception. Such an arrogant and ignorant man!

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