Nancy Pelosi, Doctrix of the Church, on St. Ted Kennedy’s heavenly intercession for Obamatax

Former Speaker of the House and Arm-Chair Doctrix of the Church Nancy Pelosi, if she weren’t so harmful to our nation would be hilarious.

From CNSNews:

Pelosi on Obamacare: I Knew Ted Kennedy ‘Would Go to Heaven and Help Us Pass the Bill
By Elizabeth Harrington

( – House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that “It’s pretty exciting” that the Supreme Court upheld the health-care law’s individual mandate as a tax, saying now Sen. Ted Kennedy can “rest in peace.”

“I knew that when he left us he would go to heaven and help pass the bill,” Pelosi said of the late Massachusetts Democratic senator.

“Now I know he was busily at work until this decision came down, inspiring one way or another. And now he can rest in peace.”


As one of my interlocutors wrote to me:

I guess when they overturn it, she’ll say, “He must have been on vacation in Heavenisport.”

Can. 915!

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  1. Fr. Frank says:

    Does Obamacare mean I can get therapy for free now? My optometrist has diagnosed me with low self-esteem, and thinks Reiki would help. But the nuns at the Gaia Center charge too much.

    [Perhaps once the Nuns On The Bus leave Grumpy’s Cafe, they can go ’round and ’round with portable massage tables.]

  2. Jeff says:

    I believe my head just exploded. I’m finding my sense of humor has been strained these last few days, is there a cure for that and will ObamaTax cover that?

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  4. wanda says:

    Do you think anger management classes will be covered under Obamatax? BTW, make sure you and your friends and family are registered and that they go to vote! A study found that 14% of Americans when asked ‘thought’ they were registered, but they are not. That translates to 33 million people. Register and vote. That’s the only way to reverse this obamanation.

  5. iPadre says:

    With this new ObamaCare, they need to pass out barf bags. I did not know that Teddy was canonized. The patron saint of pro abortion “Catholic” politicians. I’m sure I will not go right to heaven, especially how I feel about St. Nancy right now!

    Divine Mercy of the Father, please show Your power and mercy. Convert our “Catholic” politicians who help extinguish the “light on the hill” and make the salt “tasteless”. Convert them for their sake and for ours! For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Amen!

  6. wanda says:

    Amen, Father.

  7. majuscule says:

    I was hoping the comment I was going to post wouldn’t be over the top, but I see it fits right in!

    B A R F!

  8. Bob B. says:

    Is psychiatry part of ObamaCare? Or was it geriatrics she wanted included?

  9. amenamen says:

    The devil can quote the scriptures.

    One must wonder about the pious, sacrosanct language, and the seeming serenity with which pro-abortion Catholic politicians speak about their beliefs. It seems that their minds are impenetrable by rational argument, imperturbable and insulated against the truth. They even cloak their violent ideology with words about heaven and holiness. It is truly frightening. It is reminiscent of the temptations of Jesus in the desert, when the devil quoted the Psalms to Jesus.

  10. David says:

    I won’t comment on the picture, I am trying to eat my lunch, which, I sure will be ruled unfit by the Federal Government/ObamaMachine and removed from my workspace by the Federal Food “FF” police for my own safety.

  11. Random Friar says:

    Can you imagine the sheer outcry of “Extreme Right-Wing Christian Taliban” if George Bush had invoked Ronald Reagan in the same kind of lifting to the altars?

    For all he did, I still pray Edward Kennedy makes it to Heaven. For all the people who canonized him already and won’t pray for his soul, he probably could use a few more.

  12. frjosh says:

    For some reason, I just imagined Ted Kennedy as Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap. Now that he’s done with this, he can move on to the next leap… Hoping that this next leap, is his leap home.

    For what it’s worth, it sounds to me like ‘ole Ted had a pretty genuine conversion near the end of his life. This is good, and I pray we’ll all meet by-and-by.

  13. JKnott says:

    Pelosi says: “The best is yet to come.” That’s for sure. Her “sainted” Kennedy helped to bring on the new Babylonian Exile

    But it is all God’s permitting will. Forty years of abortion and decadence must have some consequences.

  14. jessicahoff says:

    You mean she believes in intercession? She does know where intercession comes from?

    That picture should have a health warning attached to it. I read it after supper and had problems. My prayers are with all faithful American Christians who are fighting the good fight and holding to the faith. SS. Peter and Paul intercede for you all.

  15. rodin says:

    If Teddy has checked in at any final eternal destination I certainly hope it is heaven, but I find it hard to believe. If so, maybe there is hope for me.

  16. Angie Mcs says:

    When confronted recently by a reporter, Didnt Pelosi respond that she discusses matters of her faith in church and not from the news podium? Yet when it suits her, she has no problem bending her faith to make a political point. This woman has completely lost herself in a political vortex, spiraling downwards like a bird which has lost its wings and can no longer control where it is going, until it crashes to the ground.

    Amenamen, you put it all so well. It is truly frightening.

  17. This is the ultimate result of this nonsense. First, they set up a parallel magisterium. Then they start setting up parallel saints, and I guess in the end they think they can have a parallel heaven. In charity, we should be praying for Ted Kennedy, not assuming that he made it. And how I wish Pelosi would do a St. Paul, whose feast we celebrate today.

  18. Fr. Frank says:

    I wish she’d do a St. Paul AND a St. Zechariah — and shut her pie hole for nine months.

    Is that bad? Thought so — sry!

  19. Mrs. O says:

    They weren’t on solid ground regarding the commerce, ruling. That was struck and corrected that it is a tax. It shows that either they were lying or ……
    What happened that she would leave her religion to Sundays only? I suppose she has changed her mind. Let the questions begin again regarding how this is all fitting in with Religious freedom.

  20. irishgirl says:

    Amen to what you said, Fr. Frank! That’s my wish, too! ‘Pie hole’-hey, that’s a good one!
    And ditto to what you said, ipadre! Our so-called ‘catholic’ politicians are a disgrace to the name of Catholic! They need to get knocked down a peg or two in the their arrogance!

  21. AnnAsher says:

    Ludicrous ! No wonder the whole world thinks everyone dies, morphs into angels, and flits about the clouds like a fairy godmother on crack.

  22. Cathy says:

    Angie Mcs, great point! Ms. Pelosi practices her religion always, unfortunately, it seems her version of the trinity is Fr. Drinan, Ted Kennedy, and Barack Obama. I have to ask, does giving Our Lord Jesus in Holy Communion to a person who perseveres in obstinate sin make them more or less crazy?

  23. Supertradmum says:

    Pelosi, like so many Catholics, is in denial as to the way to merit heaven or hell. She obviously believes in one of the most common heresies of our times, Universal Salvation. Her only thread, which God could use to yank her into heaven, is that she is not very smart. Sadly, the canonization of the Kennedys has been a heritage of the Catholic Church, including some of the hierarchy (remember his funeral?) in the East. Those of us from the Midwest can’t see the glow of holiness on that family. Poor Pelosi, she is putting her trust in false gods.

  24. poorlady says:

    @Fr. Frank–
    LOL!!! ROLF!
    Great comments, Father!
    (Would duct tape help? I got some!) :)

    Okay, time to go to confession for that one….

  25. poorlady says:

    Sorry, that’s ROFL–Rolling on the floor, laughing.
    (I’m a little behind in techno-terminology.)

  26. The Cobbler says:

    @poorlady, in this situation Rolling On a Laughing Floor is at least equally applicable.

    Only other thing I can say is that somebody needs to call her to her face on ducking out of religiosity when it suits her to do so and then turning around and appealing to her religion as the force behind her work when that suits her instead. We can all point it out till the cows come home here in the combox, but nobody who matters is reading us peons.

  27. Cantate says:

    The problem with Pelosi and her ilk– trotting out erratic ideas on the Faith, receiving Holy Communion while upholding abortion, etc.,making foolish statements– is that sin makes you STUPID. At the first mortal sin, the Holy Spirit leaves your soul. Only God’s essential presence is with you, and therefore you can still breathe. Your intellect is darkened and you cannot understand Truth. And these people are “governing” us.

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