Liberal Ass. of U.S. Catholic Priests is now pushing for the ordination of women

I read at Church Militant that the renegade, liberal Ass. of U.S. Catholic Priests is now pushing for the ordination of women, first to the diaconate.   This is not going to happen, but the confusion sown by such support warrants correction.

From Church Militant…

AUSCP uses diaconate as stepping stone

The Lepanto Institute has been ringing the alarm bell about the Association of United States Catholic Priests (AUSCP) and its unrelenting push to undermine Catholic teaching for several years now. In the past, we’ve reported on this group for its alliance with sexually deviant organizations and agendas, its work with an international network of heretical organizations, and its call for “priestless parishes.”

The AUSCP’s scandalous work even elicited a warning from its own bishop, Bp. Daniel Thomas, who said that any association with the AUSCP “may be a source of grave concern due to the confusion and scandal they have caused.”

Now the AUSCP is taking action to push for the ordination of women to the permanent diaconate with an eye toward ordination to sacramental priesthood.

In an April newsletter, the AUSCP urged its priest members to visit a website called and participate in a “Discerning Deacons Week of Action,” saying: “Help us launch and spread the good news about the active discernment of our Church about women in diaconal ministry. Our goal is to invite 100 supporters to join us in small daily actions to get the word out.”


The Ass. is peddling a lie.

Women cannot be ordained to any of the three Holy Orders.

The Sacrament of Orders is one sacrament, not three.  There are not three distinct sacraments for the three ordinations to the tri-partite hierarchy, episcopate, presbyterate, diaconate.  As Ott explains, the Sacrament of Orders imprints a character on the recipient (De fide).  The Sacrament of Orders is in three grades, each of which has its own character, bearing with it a permanent spiritual power.  The bishop receives the power of ordination, the priest receives the power of consecration and absolution.  The deacon receives the power of serving the bishop and the priest at the Eucharistic Sacrifice and of distributing Holy Communion.

The Sacrament of Orders cannot be conferred on women.  Women cannot be ordained to the episcopate.  They cannot be ordained to the priesthood.   The Church teaches infallibly that women cannot be ordained to the priesthood. (Ordinatio sacerdotalis HERE and the CDF’s response to a dubium HERE) The impossibility of ordaining women belongs to the “substance of the sacrament” of Orders (HERE).  If they cannot be ordained to any one of the orders, they cannot be ordained to any of the orders. They cannot be ordained to the priesthood, hence they cannot be ordained to the diaconate.  This is not merely a matter of discipline, it is a matter of irrevocable doctrine.

BTW… Sunday 22 May was the 27th anniversary of Ordinatio sacerdotalis.


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  1. Creeping incrementalism. Doesn’t matter to these people…they will keep on coming back (like ants even after Terminix sprays around the foundation) with finely parsed arguments (as in Ms Zagano being dragged out yet again) until, like water on a stone, they drill a hole through which they can achieve their goals.

  2. JustaSinner says:

    Sorry, my Canon Law may be a bit rusty, but doesn’t can. 1364 grant automatic excommunication for heresy and apostasy? This heresy by the AUSCP should be snuffed out automatically, no?

  3. JabbaPapa says:

    JustaSinner :

    Sorry, my Canon Law may be a bit rusty, but doesn’t can. 1364 grant automatic excommunication for heresy and apostasy?

    No, because such excommunication would first require judgement by a Bishop or Church Court to the heresy or apostasy — even though de facto an apostate cannot but have excommunicated himself.

    As to the deaconesses of old, my opinion is that they were never ordained, but that they were consecrated to their ministry.

  4. JonPatrick says:

    Ah the AUSLCP as the late Rush Limbaugh might have said (may he rest in peace).

    This is just the Helegian Dialectic much favored by the Commies as a way to meet their goals and which has been very successful so far. After all it is all orchestrated by the Prince of the World and he is no dummy.

  5. ChesterFrank says:

    I have heard that some in of the progressive diocese, there were covertly active campaigns to suppress ordinations so that “parish life directors” might increase. The only person that is required to be at Mass is the Priest. My presence isn’t required, neither is the PLD’s nor the feminist deaconess.

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  7. loyeyoung says:

    >”As to the deaconesses of old, my opinion is that they were never ordained,
    >but that they were consecrated to their ministry.”

    Correct, as the Canon 19 of the Nicene Council makes clear. (See )

    Essentially, “deaconesses” were equivalent to religious sisters in our day, with the added duty of baptizing adult females. In that day, adults were frequently baptized naked, so modesty dictated that no males be present. (Remember that every human being–even pagans and atheists–may baptize another person, if done in the Trinitarian formula and with the intention of doing what the Church does.)

  8. Semper Gumby says:

    The unclean wolf known as “Fishwrap,” lurking in its den of iniquity near the Missouri River, has staggered out of its burrow, reared up on its hind quarters and howled a trans-Atlantic mating call. From last week:

    “Ulrike Goken-Huismann, a 59-year-old theologian and president of the Catholic Women’s Association of Germany (KFD), preached at Mass last Monday in the Church of St. Maximilian in Düsseldorf in western Germany.

    “Our goal is to make it clear that women can preach and can do it well,” says Goken-Huismann, who has two children.”

    Maybe one of her two children can inform her about the preaching by St. Catherine of Siena or St. Joan of Arc or Our Lady of Fatima or Mother Angelica, and also explain to her about how preaching is done at Holy Mass.

    “How can we explain that women don’t have equal rights in the Catholic Church when they do in society?” she asks.”

    To paraphrase Monty Python, the internal combustion engine and a driver’s license is no basis for chucking the Good News of Jesus Christ.

    Tacitus on Germany:

    “Mercury is the deity whom they chiefly worship, and on certain days they deem it right to sacrifice to him even with human victims.”

    John 2:5

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