LifeNews: Obama Admin OKs Using Aborted Babies’ Brains in Lab Tests

Hey!  You liberal catholic Obama supporters!  Still like your guy?  Huh?  Huh?

From LifeNews:

Obama Admin OKs Using Aborted Babies’ Brains in Lab Tests
by Steven Ertelt

The Obama administration is getting grief from a pro-life group for approving an experiment using the remains of the bodies of unborn children victimized in abortion for research continues in U.S. laboratories.

Scott Fischbach, the director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life uncovered the information showing a clinical trial approved by the Food and Drug Administration uses brain tissue from aborted unborn babies to treat macular degeneration. StemCells Inc. will inject fetal brain stem cells into the eyes of up to 16 patients to study the cells’ effect on vision.


What a guy.

Vote for anyone else – even the corpse of Millard Fillmore.

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  1. TNCath says:

    In a high school U.S. history textbook, Millard Fillmore is referred to as a “third-rate nonentity.” I just wonder what the history textbooks of the future will refer to the current occupant of the White House?

  2. This decision reminds me of the movie ‘Skyline’ – I watched it last night. The aliens used human brains in their ‘machines’. Perhaps this decision merely confirms that to be on the same side as the likes of Obama is to no longer be in touch with what it means to be human.

  3. AnnAsher says:

    I was sick the day I learned that in immunizing my kids I injected them with aborted baby cells. It just keeps getting worse. There are some fighting for Life. Children of God for Life

  4. Too bad Obama wasn’t around during the 30’s. He could have Dr. Mengele the Surgeon General of the U.S. Good grief. To have such an idiot for our president.

  5. acardnal says:

    @Hieromonk Gregory: my sentiments exactly!

  6. Brooklyn says:

    Vote for anyone else – even the corpse of Millard Fillmore.

    If only the solution to the evil in our land was that easy.

  7. NoraLee9 says:

    I’ll happily go blind first.

  8. acardnal says:

    @AnnAsher: FYI, there is some worthwhile material available at the National Catholic Bioethics Center on vaccines and human fetal material.

    This is just for starters:

  9. haribo says:

    I wonder if the reason Obama is doing all of this now to force the Republicans to take a conservative stance on polarizing social issues and win over moderates. That would explain why the MSM insists on making the HHS issues about “contraception” and Democrats keep throwing around the phrase “war on women.”

  10. ContraMundum says:

    Another possibility is that he is doing this so he can pull back halfway and win the praise of the Fishwrap for being a “great compromiser”.

    Ugh. This man just makes me sick.

  11. Kerry says:

    Couldn’t they use the brain cells from Democrat Obama voters? There are a whole lot of them, and though they are not dead yet, they seem brain dead enough.

  12. SKAY says:

    I also had the same thoughts Hieromonk Gregory.
    Once evil is accepted as normal–than there are no limits.

    As I read the information at the NCBC on the vaccines and their suggestion of writing the pharmaceudical companies to complain–it occurred to me that once Obamacare and government insurance becomes all there is(that is their intention)–the companies will not care what we think. We will no longer have a choice.

  13. kelleyb says:

    TNCath, It will depend on who writes the history of this administration.

  14. Maltese says:

    What’s worse: to abort a late-term baby girl, or use her brain for postnatal scientific research? We live in cognitive dissonances and happy platitudes when it takes a story like this to shake us up; but rest assured, we will forget the story and watch our sports the following Sunday!

  15. ContraMundum says:


    Bingo. I’ve got a friend who lives in Canada, and she can’t stand the medical system they have. The doctors there don’t really serve the patients, they serve the state. They run tests on her and don’t let her see the results, they lie to her. Her mother knew she had the symptoms of cancer, but they kept telling her that it was nothing, until she finally came down to the Mayo Clinic, where she found out she had less than a month to live.

    We don’t have the ideal system now, but Obamacare is not the way to make things better.

  16. catholicmidwest says:

    New executive order, dated today, which has some significant encroachments on the liberty of Americans:

  17. catholicmidwest says:

    The department of homeland security has also entered into a contract for 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition. The department of homeland security? Why?

  18. Kerry says:

    Wow, 450 million rounds of .40 cal? We note that “This contract features a base of 12 months, includes four option years…”. One might divide 450 million by 5, and then again by 12 to arrive at 7,500,000 rounds per month. However, we do not know from the article what actually will be delivered per unit time. Nor do we know how many rounds per unit time will be expended. As a resident of the ‘Land of 10000 Therapies’, where ‘Everything not prohibited is manda…uh person-atory’, and the State Bird the petulant Cuckoo, (cumulus erratus terra, v. Frankenus,et. al.) I perhaps suspect inside dealings, though it would be good to know what other US companies supply ammo. We are also pleased to see that maybe ICE has given up on beanbag rounds. (See death of agent Terry.)
    On a ‘Sick of lefties and going on the offensive’, there will soon be people holding signs at the local “Arbeit Macht Frei” outlet, “Special Today!! Brain tissue, $9.99 the ounce!”

  19. StJude says:


  20. Facta Non Verba says:

    What a guy, indeed.

    Instead of the corpse of Millard Fillmore, perhaps the corpse of Rutherford B. Hayes would be a formidable candidate, given that President Obama has selected that deceased president to criticize as of late.

  21. Maria says:

    Hello all, Fr. Z.,

    These poor poor infants.
    So precious to God, yet despised by sinners.
    If we can muster up The Good Lords’ Mercy in our prayers, we need to pray for the conversion of these evildoers’ souls – all involved in these horrendous acts and for Divine Intervention for these little children.
    I pray that the blind parents will see how terrible abortion is, and repent.

    I saw in my imagination the Crown of Thorns being pressed tightly on Our Lords’ Head when I read this, and heard another nail being hammered in to His Holy Hands and Feet.

    Lord have Mercy

  22. Thomas in MD says:

    The corpse of Millard Filmore stinks a lot less than Obama. This man will be the destruction of my family. My liberal democrat wife clings to the party of death. Pray for her and our children, I beg all of you. And pray for me to keep my family together. This anti-Christ president’s evil has seeped into so many American families.

  23. Centristian says:

    Alas, the President will be re-elected in November if we do, in fact, vote for “anyone else”.

    Unless we vote for his GOP opponent, whomever that may turn out to be, even if it means that some of us may have to hold our noses while doing so (I will not have to hold my nose…any one of the GOP candidates beats our incumbent President and his two immediate predecessors by miles as far as I am concerned), Barack Obama will be elected to a second term.

    If we do not vote at all because we’re just too choosey and will only vote for a perfect candidate (as if such a creature ever existed or ever will), Barack Obama will be elected to a second term.

    If we stay at home on election day because of the weather or because we just don’t think our votes matter or because we just don’t feel like it or because we have something better to do–as, apparently, many of the voters in the conservative South did during the last primary (showing that we can’t even rely on the conservative South to get fired up about this election)–Barack Obama will be elected to a second term.

    So, please, come November…vote…and not for Millard Fillmore.

  24. Centristian that is exactly the reason we are at this impasse today. If Christians 30 or so years ago had stood up and stopped rubberstamping the major party candidates (gop and dem) then maybe we wouldn’t have been following the flow and ended up in the cesspool today. The only reason I can think of a person who know’s of Romney’s history voting for him is they are racist. He is a white O. The only other difference between him and o is that Romney is morman and maybe a tad less friedly towards Islam. Other than that and skin color I can’t see it.

    Personally I would never choose an ally I know will only stab me in the back after they are done with me. You still think Romney is to be trusted? Look at the links below. Personally it is more honorable to fight till the end than to sleep with the enemy which is the politacl equivalent of a vote for Romney.

    If you had to choose between Romneycare an Obamacare actually Obamcare might be a shade more lenient (yes its miniscule). Shame to say that Romney has a strong following amoungst the GOP- I guess bread and circuses (or in the modern age TV ads and PACs) buy more votes than most people realize. So many people are claiming he is the most electable. If that is the sole criterion and he will just govern the same as o then why bother? Besides he takes the incentive away for so many to vote- the only ones he appeals to are ones who (other than he is the Gop elite’s darling- they covertly despise the prolife movement and moral conservatives) are ones who think he is more electable. His whole campaign skirts and obsures the real issues and is based primarily on that.

    Personally though Perry and Santorum have issues (once Santorum supported a proabortion candidate over a prolife due to his support over the invasion of Iraq and supports a ” nanny government”) I would vote for them- even some of the others but Romney…. NEVER. If you follow his lies and evasions if the matter wasn’t so serious they would be laughable. The man can’t keep track or cover them up well enough. As far as voting for Romney to get O out you wouldn’t- he would just have a change of name and skin color. Personally since I am not a racist couldn’t countence doing such a thing myself.
    There are tons of links on it. Too bad more people aren’t aware of wolves in Sheep’s clothing.

  25. As far as relevency to the post. Don’t think Romney wouldn’t do the same as O. Romney has been in favor of using stem cells from murdered infants even after his pro life “conversion.” If he will use them from any portion of a child’s body you can be sure using them from the brain is all hunky dory with him. Below are some links verifying his support of using stem cells from murdered babies- just scroll down until you see it.

    If Romney is elected we will have more of this and to our shame and stupidity we will have voted him in and have no one to blame but ourselves (and possibly the MSM which is pretty silent about it).

    I know you are not necessarily advocating for Romney but just voting for the goop candidate this fall if Romney wins is just voting for a white and nominally mormon O.

    Yes I mean goop as it best describes how slimey the party can be- they have been duping their morally conservative base for decades into thinking they represent them. As far as dems well the name does have a slight theological connotation now that I think about it- at least for the side they choose.

  26. Maria says:

    Thomas in MD,
    I will offer up a Rosary up for you and your family.

  27. Centristian says:

    @Sed libera nos:

    So you’ll be supporting Fillmore, then. Excellent. Smart choice.

    Even if Governor Romney were half as bad as you want him to be, if he were elected in 2012 he would at least be a first term president in need of conservative support in 2016, so he would be obliged to do right by conservatives at least in his first term if he wants to be re-elected. Goodbye HHS mandate.

    Barack Obama, on the other hand, will be a second term socialist with nothing at all to hold him back if he is re-elected, who will continue to serve delightful treats like the HHS mandate to us, who will continue to weaken our military and our economy, who will continue to borrow from the Chinese to pay for bailouts and government programs we neither need nor want, and who will be appointing more and more federal judges, and perhaps even a Supreme Court justice or two.

    Now is not the time, I think, for the sort of indulgent paranoia that keeps certain conservatives, Christians, and conservative Catholics home on election day…or which causes them to opt to write in candidates on their ballots who have no chance of winning at all. In one of the recent primaries I noticed that Michelle Bachmann received a number of votes, despite the fact that she dropped out of the race a long time ago. That’s just brilliant.

    If we want to throw away our votes like that, we certainly have the right to. There will be a great big price to pay for such wasted fantasy ballots, however. And if we want to stay home for fear of “Massachussetts Moderates” and the boogeyman, we have the right to do that, too. And when our religious liberties and our Church are assailed mercilessly during President Obama’s second term, we’ll be able to look right in the mirror and congratulate ourselves for being so pure.

  28. Maltese says:

    Thomas in MD–

    I learned not to impose my Traditionalist’s will on my wife over religious/political/economic differences after she filed divorce papers on me (we, fortunately, overcame our differences), we have since had our fifth child.

    Think of St. Augustine’s mother, St. Monica, who was married to a pagan.

    My wife and I still disagree on many things, but I let her tread her path, and I mine.

    She refuses to go to a TLM, but lets me take the kids. In similar manner, if you are married to, say, a Jew or Protestant, I would say raising your kids Catholic should be discussed prior to marriage. And if one loves a person of a different faith, and they are in agreement, then it is perfectly fine to marry that person. My mother has been trying to convert my father from Deism to Christianity for 40 years; the Lord works in mysterious ways!

  29. CatholicCaliGirl says:

    I’m gonna vomit.
    Why would you even NEED to do THAT? [sorry for the caps, Fr, i couldn’t find any other way to emphasize it]!?! that is sickening and uncalled for, and i would do almost anything to get this guy OUT of office!

  30. CatholicCaliGirl says:

    @ Kerry- Thanks for putting a bit of light into a miserable day.
    @ Thomas in MD- Praying for you tonight and always. Stay strong, okay?

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