ACTION ITEM! Terrific video of 1941 Vatican City and help for a seminarian! UPDATED

For the seminarian update project – continuation – go HERE.

___ Originally Published on: Apr 3, 2019

Over at Rorate I spotted on a rare visit a simply terrific video posted on YouTube about Vatican City in the time of Pius XII during WWII.

It is simply terrific.

Also, there is a note at Rorate that I cannot pass over, so I repeat it here. The one who posted the video to YouTube is a seminarian in Malaysia. He needs some financial support for his tuition. Help him out?

Tell him Fr. Z sent you.

Click HERE 

He is pretty far from his goal!

Things I liked in the video.

  • The cotta griccia at a baptism
  • monks and friars with the corona
  • cards on the altars
  • priests in the flat hat
  • the library, with a seminarian or perhaps priest in the Propaganda cassock
  • glimpses of the Noble Guard
  • The Clementine chapel where I said my first Mass.
  • Many places, offices, etc., inside Vatican City which are very familiar after many years that most people don’t get to see.
  • shots of the refectory of the Casa Santa Maria.
  • jammed aula with seminarians
  • When the narrator stopped talking about Jesuits
  • Pius removed his soli Deo at the Holy Name
  • The woman at the end, touching her rosary to the tomb of Pius XI… a sight which must fill libs with confusion and rage… it’s perfect and it sums up everything we love and they detest.

And other things.  Yes, this is an exercise in nostalgia… which is NOT the reason why we desire the traditional liturgical forms!

Right now there are 2089 views.

And the seminarians fundraising amount… let’s MOVE THAT NUMBER!  C’mon!

Click HERE

As of this writing…


See what a couple of hours can do?


Overnight! Tell him Fr. Z sent you.


Well…. this is interesting!   I was trying to get him to his $5K goal and the goal post moved a little, I see!

For the seminarian update project – continuation – go HERE.

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  1. JustaSinner says:

    Need more of these men!

  2. CasaSanBruno says:

    “When the narrator stopped talking about the Jesuits” Thanks for that. A much needed chuckle.

  3. Mariana2 says:

    That was charming.

    I hope the fountain with papal tiara decorations still stands.

  4. Gab says:

    I spied …

    A nun in a cornette!

    Men and women wearing hats!

    Priests clothed in cassocks! (Nobody send this video to Maureen from the Tas Ladies-only Parish Council lest she be triggered)

    Yay for the Dominicans!

    Was a mini-exorcism being performed on the monks before the Pope entered the large room, towards the end? Or was it simply a blessing?

    The Pope lifting his zucchetto as he mentions the name of Jesus. Does the current pope still do that, I wonder?

    Great filum

  5. Fr_Sotelo says:

    Pius XII giving a conference near the end of the video, with those sweeping motions of his arms for dramatic effect–priceless.

    But I was quite scandalized by the brazen and ultramontanist papalotry on display, throughout the video, by both clergy and laity alike! It was as if the Pope should be personally revered, and not his office.

    If only Pius XII had empowered laity to stand up to him, and publicly remind him, that exaggerated displays of his authority are no way to shepherd the Church ;)

  6. Diana says:

    Weird. I just went to the Institute’s website, as he directs those who wants to get the tax deductible status for their donation to donate directly there. I clicked on DONATE and got a 403 forbidden error message. They should really get that looked at.

  7. jaykay says:

    So much to love here, but for me this part of the narration was telling: “…Pius XII is a leader in the struggle of the God-fearing against the Godless”

    And that is exactly how he was viewed at the time, and long after, as Rabbi David Dalin has illustrated in his great book “The myth of Hitler’s Pope: how Pope Pius XII rescued Jews from the Nazis”. Do read it.

  8. FromVicBC says:

    “I was trying to get him to his $5K goal and the goal post moved a little, I see!”

    His latest update down below your screen shot credits you and another for helping him hit his initial donation goal. He owes $20,000 to his seminary. If you click on his story tab the picture of his Account Statement has always said $20,000 (even before he updated the donation goal).

    It’s funny, they have men for the Priesthood but no money. We have money but no men.

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