The last 10 minutes…

The last 10 minutes…

  • Haydn’s Farewell is playing.
  • Request from a priest via text message for the blessing of beehives.
  • Email from a priest asking about baptizing the child adopted by homosexuals.
  • Delivery of a deep cycle 12v battery.
  • Roast out of the fridge and preparation of the lard.
  • Arranged pick up of new solemn green set.
  • This email….

Dear Father Z

Today I was in NYC & on the spur of the moment (& your encouragement) I stopped at Holy Innocents & went to confession after many many years. I can not describe the feeling afterwards as the wonderful priest gave me absolution. I cried tears of happiness & joy.

Thank you Father!



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  1. Precentrix says:

    Don’t forget to bless that lard…

  2. St. Irenaeus says:

    “Email from a priest asking about baptizing the child adopted by homosexuals.”

    Would be curious about how priests should handle that situation. “Founded hope” here?

  3. Greg Hlatky says:

    I am reminded of an online discussion on the last three things ordered from Amazon. In my case:

    – Freeze-dried lamb lung dog treats

    – Siegmund von Hausegger’s Nature Symphony, conducted by Ari Raiselainen

    – A rosary

  4. Greg Hlatky says: the last three things ordered from Amazon
    Today, btw, is Prime Day.

    PLEASE order stuff from amazon using my link and search box on the sidebar!

  5. Dad of Six says:

    Thank you Father for being there to send along the blessing to our priest. Our hives have not survived that last two winters, and I pray that with this blessing they will be hale and hearty next spring!

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