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St. Monnica avoided alcoholism

From Serge Lancel’s Augustine, one of the best biographies I know of the great Bishop of Hippo (p. 8 ff – emphases mine): Before devoting himself entirely to Mother Church, as he approached the age of forty, Augustine had had a … Read More

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St. Monnica: “put my body anywhere”

Here is an oldie post, appropriate for the day: Today in newer, Ordinary Form calendar of the Holy Roman Church is the feast of St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine of Hippo.  In the traditional calendar her feast was … Read More

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Interesting Statistics about Pope Francis’ General Audiences

Shortly after the election of Pope Francis, the Wednesday General Audience and the Sunday Angelus made the area around San Pietro a complete madhouse.  I would usually be at the Augustinianum at those times for study or for lunch with … Read More

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Pope John Paul – The Pope People Forget To Remember

Today is/was the anniversary of the election of Pope John Paul I, Papa Luciani. He is the Pope people forget to remember. Pray for him, who was Vicar of Christ for so few days. May God reward him.  

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ASK FATHER: What documents are needed for us to marry?

From a senior reader… QUAERITUR: My fiancee (age82) and I (age 76) are both widowed and lifelong Catholics. We know what documents we need, but what other church requirements must we go through before marriage. You should have your baptism certificates, which will … Read More

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Down with pews! Away with them!

I have a recurring dream about having to build a church.  It’s Romanesque and open, uncluttered, especially by pews. My friend Fr. George Rutler is in Crisis.  He is talking about pews.   He has a few digressions – he … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Does a declaration of nullity mean a marriage never existed?

From a reader… My diocese’s website says, “A declaration of nullity does not say that the marriage never existed,” yet the site also says that a declaration of nullity means “that the marriage was invalid from the moment of the wedding.” These statements … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Can we ask God to strike down enemies?

From a reader: Is it a sin to ask God to strike down an enemy of the Church? Christ the Lord has commanded us to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44). Love for “enemy” comes in different forms.  It can be expressed … Read More

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My View For Awhile: Drought Edition

Off I go.  Again.       Yes yes, I also have the larger study book. But if they are going to give you the answers ahead of time… hey!  Why not? UPDATE: I hope the global economy doesn’t collapse while … Read More


ASK FATHER: How to talk to other mothers about male only altar service?

From a reader… Our parish priest does not care for girl servers but allows it. Today we went to daily Mass and a new girl was serving (which was arranged by one of the moms, I don’t believe Father knew about it), … Read More

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Guess what Gospel reading is on the Sunday during the Synod.

I spotted this a couple months ago but someone beat me to it. So, guess what Gospel will be read in the Ordinary Form for the beginning of the Synod – which will be discussion, inter alia, marriage, and Communion … Read More



A couple participants here used the combox to coordinate a contact.  HERE There wasn’t much success because of lousy propagation, but it was instructive.  We moved from frequency to frequency on the fly using the combox. (Which means you need … Read More

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Sept-Nov 2015: Relics of St. Maria Goretti in these USA!

I received this from my friend Fr. Carlos Martins, who has organized the US tour of the relics of St. Maria Goretti. Pilgrimage of Mercy: the Tour of the Major Relics of St. Maria Goretti From September to November of … Read More

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Fr. Blake on “Manliness”. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

My friend Fr. Ray Blake, PP in Brighton, made excellent comments about “manliness” on his blog.  HERE I have been at a major church three times recently for some pretty important occasions, and each time only women read, and every time … Read More

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I recommend to the readership a veritable eye-candy feast, which you can access online. The current issue of REGINA. Just go check it out!

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ASK FATHER: Is it a mortal sin to criticize the Pope?

From a reader… Can a Catholic criticize the Pope? Or is it a mortal sin to do so? Yes. No. Not necessarily. Catholics are obliged to have filial love for and obedience to our Holy Father. Neither that love nor that … Read More

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First YOUR URGENT PRAYER REQUESTS Next… 23 August (the 23rd day of each month, that is) is a “lean day” for the blog, with only 3 monthly donors out of the many thousands who come here every day!  If you … Read More

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Pope Francis attended Mass in St. Peter’s on Feast of St. Pius X

This is rather interesting. According to ZENIT in Italian, the Holy Father showed up in St. Peter’s Basilica the other morning to pray at the altar and tomb of St. Pius X for his saintly predecessor’s feast. He sat down … Read More

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CQ CQ CQ – #HamRadio Saturday – DX SUCCESS!

Happy news. On Thursday a local ham and expert on antennas (who also attends the TLM) came to my BOQ to consult about antennas and a potential location in the complex for a station.  We worked on my rig and … Read More

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WDTPRS: 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time – When “virtues” are replaced by “values”.

Let’s look at the Collect for the 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time: Deus, qui fidelium mentes unius efficis voluntatis, da populis tuis id amare quod praecipis, id desiderare quod promittis, ut, inter mundanas varietates, ibi nostra fixa sint corda, ubi … Read More

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