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Pilgrimages and Local Gin

This spirit-filled offering comes from the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald: Meet Walsingham’s Catholic gin-makers England’s great pilgrimage site now has a gin distillery inspired by the Faith Every year 250,000 people make the journey to Walsingham, a … Read More

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31 Jan – Blue Moon Eclipse

This is from SpaceWeather: BLUE MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE: On Wednesday, Jan. 31st, the second full Moon of January will pass through Earth’s shadow, producing a rare “Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse.” The Moon won’t look blue, however. Researchers are predicting a … Read More

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The Canon libs hate the most?

During the March for Life I saw this sign: Interesting question.  The question might push the envelope a little, but there may be not nothing to it. Canon 915… that canon which is so feared and hated by libs, such … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Priest breaks the host during the consecration. FAIL!

From a reader… A kindly retired priest offers morning Mass, ordinary form, at our parish occasionally. At the Consecration of the bread, father literally breaks the host in two when he prays the words ” . . . He took … Read More

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Take Inspiration: 12-year-old builds a tiny house in his backyard

I have mused about finding a patch of land and setting up a couple of “tiny houses”, optimally self-sufficient. Here is a great story forwarded by a priest friend from MNN: Iowa boy builds tiny house in his backyard Last … Read More

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Your Good News

Do you have good news for the elevation and edification of the readership?  Let us know.


Hitchens: We were told not to worry.

At First Things, Dan Hitchens nailed it.  Look at this. When communion for the remarried was reintroduced into Catholic discussion a few years ago, we were informed that it was a “pastoral” and “merciful” initiative. Those of us who pointed … Read More

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Card. Burke speaks up

Anger and frustration, fear and ignorance (and being a lib), can lead people to say stupid things.   The ignorant or sub-optimally bright would suggest that Card. Burke might “lead a schism”. CWR has an interview with Raymond Card. Burke.  There … Read More

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#OafForADay – Deacon in vestments and a dog mask

I’ve seen this from different sources, including lots of email.  However Dcn. Greg Kandra has the most prominent post. An idiot deacon – listed among the Permanent Deacons of St. Rose of Lima Church in Eddystone in the Archdiocese of … Read More

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We Are Our Rites! Wherein Fr. Z rants after reading Peter Kwasniewski

At NLM, PK has a good offering.  (“Ho hum!”, you are saying, because I have to write that so often.) Starting with Nietzsche and his famous “God is dead”, he spins up a good argument about “modern” liturgy, liturgists, etc., … Read More

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Rutler writes about “men with chests”. The “impossible dream”?

Fr. Rutler has a terrific piece at the invaluable Crisis. Read the whole thing, but here is some with my usual treatment. Where Are the Churchmen With Chests? [“Chests”… a great image.  It was famously used (as Rutler mentions, below, … Read More

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The Pope wants to hear from you. No. Really. He wants the “sensus fidelium”.

I haven’t followed the Pope’s South American trip, other than his statements about the “dumb” people and about a certain unpopular bishop. However, Ed Pentin – who is reliable – says that the Holy Father apparently wants to hear from … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point or two in the sermon you heard during your Mass to fulfill your Sunday obligation? For my part, I spoke about the centurion and the Lord.  First, as a friend reminded me this week, Teresa … Read More


From a priest: an interesting experience saying Mass

From a priest… I am a priest of ___, ordained now about a year and a half. I have been a regular reader of your blog since college, and I wanted to write you about an interesting experience I had … Read More

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OLDIE PODCAzT 127: The Eve of St. Agnes and a Bleak Midwinter

It is a little late in the day, but today is the Eve of the Feast of St. Agnes.  This reminds us all, of course, of the famous poem by Keats. This is the Eve of St. Agnes and, therefore, time … Read More

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My View For A While: Counter March

Time to head home. Another wonderful Delta experience greeted me at the airport. First, in my app, all my flights, today’s and future, vanished. That was strange. Hence, I had to go through the check in process. At least there … Read More

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#March4Life numbers and Pres. Trump’s words

LifeSite has posted the text of Pres. Trump’s address to the March for Life. Highlights… […] The March for Life is a movement born out of love: you love your families; you love your neighbors; you love our nation; and … Read More

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DC March for Life 2018 – DAY 2: Forward MARCH!

Today before the rally on the mall we grabbed some sandwiches at a nearby cafe and headed out. Perfect weather. We parked ourselves near the speakers stand, but also near to a flag from my native place. It was great … Read More

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DC March for Life 2018 – DAY 1: Paintings and plots

It is a whirlwind jump to DC, but one of my main reasons for coming this year was also to see the exhibition of Vermeer and other Dutch genre painters at the National Gallery.   It did not disappoint. His … Read More

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Canonist Ed Peters on the Papal mid-air airplane nuptials

From canonist Ed Peters comes a post.  I wrote about it, HERE.   There are some striking parallels.  I wonder why? Any way… Thoughts on a mid-air marriage Show of hands! Who wants to rain all over the sentimental parade lining … Read More

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