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UPDATE: Even more comes about The Letter™: additional missing text

UPDATE 18 March: Here is an interesting tweet from expert canonist Ed Peters. 1983 CIC 1391. The following can be punished with a just penalty according to the gravity of the delict: … n. 1. A person who … changes … Read More

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FSSP North America Blog

Okay… I’ll give this a boost. From my email… I am the editor of the Missive (, the official blog of the North American District of the FSSP. We are trying to expand our readership, and I was wondering if … Read More

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“Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me,…” The Lorica of St Patrick

During these dark days, we can benefit from the use of this prayer, called the Breastplate, or Loríca of St. Patrick, “The Cry of the Deer” (Latin Lorica is pronounced lo-REE-ka).  It is said that St. Patrick (+461) sang this when an … Read More

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UPDATES – More of and about The Letter™ of Benedict XVI on the booklets

Because I have about 60 emails having to do with this, and since I’ve already made a few comments about this odd story elsewhere, here is a follow up, for the sake of completeness. Sandro Magister posted the full text … Read More

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Fr. Stravinskas breaks it down to the essential

At Catholic World Report, we find an address Fr. Peter Stravinskas recently gave to a chapter of Legatus about liturgical issues.   He breaks down, Barney style, some super important issues which, today, are controversial. Inter alia he: strongly endorses Robert Card. … Read More

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The Three Days of Darkness 2018 are underway in LA!

The Three Days of Darkness are underway in LA! (aka Religious Education Conference) I wasn’t invited. It might be interesting to have a photopost of your favorite moments. Videos HERE We can start with the front page, where there is … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Blessing objects through plastic wrapper, box, etc.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Today I asked a priest to bless a green scapular. I had the package open for it to be taken out, but to my surprise the priest left it inside the plastic packaging, sprinkling the holy water on … Read More

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Card. Kasper: homosexual relationships are analogous to marriages

Card. Kasper, ladies and gentlemen.   The Gift that Keeps on Giving. From LifeSite: Cardinal Kasper: Homosexual unions are ‘analogous’ to Christian marriage  [Sure! Both of them involve carbon-based life forms!] March 14, 2018 ( – Cardinal Walter Kasper, whose … Read More

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As the poet said, “Ad hoc, ad loc, and quid pro quo! So little time! So much to know!” I get lots of books from publishers. They are nearly all, I am sure, sound, since the publishers are sound.  I … Read More

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A “digital” Synod?

When I worked in the PCED, frustrated with the resistance to any new tech, I developed the phrase, “Here in the Vatican we update our equipment every 50 years, whether it needs it or not.” I note with apprehensive amusement … Read More

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My View For Awhile: Maternal Edition

Having just returned from a fast assault on Chicago’s fare… … and to work out details of the portable altar and sacristy for the upcoming pilgrimage, I’m off to the depths of the south. I’ve been getting texts from Rome … Read More

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UK: 29 April 2018 – Rosary on the Coast – London Oratory Trip to Ramsgate

From the Catholic Herald: Catholics plan mass-rosary prayer around the British coast The ‘Rosary on the Coast’ will mark 50 years since the Abortion Act came into effect After similar events in Poland and Ireland, Catholics plan to pray the … Read More

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READER FEEDBACK: “I want to be treated as an adult when it comes to catechesis and the Sacred Liturgy.”

From a reader, reacting to my post: Communion in the hand. Wherein Fr. Z rants and provokes. Firstly, I want to thank you for your recent post/rant about “age appropriate food” when it comes to the Catholic Faith. I have … Read More

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@CatholicCincy repudiates @JamesMartinSJ et al. homosexualist event

Vibrant Fr. Z Kudos™ to His Excellency Most Rev. Dennis M. Schurr, Archbishop of Cincinatti. The Archbishop. sent out a note distancing the Church from an upcoming homosexualist event featuring homosexualist activists Jesuit James Martin, Sr. Jeannine Gramick (silenced by … Read More

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Priestly Feedback: “entirely familiar realm in an entirely hostile world”

Some feedback from a priest, reacting to my post: ASK FATHER: Mass without proper gear? Pusillanimous stingy ignorant pride. I am writing simply to share with you my reaction to the four videos you posted showing Masses offered in difficult (to … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes and a ‘Laetare’ Sunday ROSE POLL

Was there a good point in the sermon you heard at the Mass to fulfill your Sunday obligation?  Let us know. For my part, for the TLM this morning, I spoke of how we must have deprivation before we appreciate abundance.  … Read More

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Bulletin blurb from 1967 from a Long Island Parish

This, from a priest friend, is too good not to share. Apparently Father had had enough with the nuptial confetti.

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JUST TOO COOL: Unboxing my new portable altar – UPDATED!

UPDATE 11 March: This just came in from a US Army chaplain! I enjoyed the joy you showed in your recent posting after receiving your newest portable altar.  I ordered mine last year in preparation for the Afghan deployment that … Read More

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Communion in the hand. Wherein Fr. Z rants and provokes.

Not long ago, Robert Card. Sarah penned a preface for a recent book (HERE) about Communion in the hand.  The Cardinal Prefect of the CDW argues that various forces and practices have diminished faith in the Eucharist.  Some of those … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Mass without proper gear? Pusillanimous stingy ignorant pride.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: can you have catholic mass without candles The THE GENERAL INSTRUCTION OF THE ROMAN MISSAL – says the following 307. The candles, which are required at every liturgical service out of reverence and on account of … Read More

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